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Generally speaking, it is seldom that landslides occur (like Tsunami) in the sense that they are considered unusual occurrences unlike what is happening lately.  It’s landslide one after another.

I believe what I observed in the mountainous areas of Malaysia more than a decade and a half ago makes sense in preventing landslides that could affect their roads and highways; and no squatters were allowed to build structures on dangerous slopes.

Rainwater will seek its own way and its own level; and the only way to control its on-rush is by building a cemented structure where engineers think rainwater will flow down a mountain.  Markings can be traced while surveying mountains.  It will show markings as to where rainwater flows down.  Those are the spots that must be helped before it digs deeper and deeper into the mountain that sooner or later will weaken the topography of the mountain that will lead it to collapse causing landslides.  Heavy and constant rainfall can cause erosions which eventually cause landslides.

In Malaysia, as I observed, they constructed concrete steps about a meter wide for strong rainwater to flow down to without “eating” the ground.  It’s that part of the mountain that eventually loosens up that cause the landslides.  But it is for the local government to monitor and report to the proper government department.  During the dry season, the Bureau of Forestry can extend help for they are more in a position to notice the cracks where rainwater flows.  Those are signs where landslides can cave in the mountain down to the valley below; and national and local roads to wash away.

Ang napuruhan ngayon ay ang Sitio Garang in Sagñay, Camarines Sur.

Overall, typhoon “Usman” caused some 82 deaths a few days ago, but there are reports reaching to over 110 deaths.  What a painful tragedy to suffer from up to the very end of 2018, a tragic year to many, worldwide it seems.  It was a very bad year and thank God we have discarded it.

So, I repeat what I said in my column last Nov. 13, 2018, entitled “Worth observing” wherein I said that those cemented pathways with steps serve to guide the heavy rainfall down the roadside canals without having to “eat up” the mountain soil deeper and deeper until the mountain caves in.  Nakikita naman kung saan pirmi bumubuhos at bumabagsak ang tubig ng malakas na ulan sa ating mga bundok.

The track of landslides in mountainous areas is the constant pounding of heavy rainfall year in and year out. Eventually, the mountain will cave in due to the constant pounding and beating of heavy rain.

Now that the very bad 2018 is over marked by so many disasters, tragedies and sad and lamentable experiences, may Our Lord give us a happier year.

A friend had texted this message which I appreciate a lot to start a new day:

“Don’t allow yourself to get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life…  The beauty of a day, the smile of a friend, the good memories and, the chance to be a channel of blessings to others.  Smile and give thanks to the ever loving God who sustains us with Good Health and Happy disposition.  May we all have a healthy, productive and enjoyable life this year.”

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