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By Manuel L. Morato What I dislike most about the Coronavirus pandemic is the desensitizing of feelings about death.  Some people seem to get “used”


By Manuel L. Morato “E-Titles” have been the perfect vehicle for landgrabbers in Quezon City. May I ask since when was this allowed?  I was

UNCENSORED: 3rd Generation

By Manuel L. Morato I don’t know what induced Pia Morato Baretto to file a case of Cyber Libel against me for a column I

UNCENSORED: Respect of Parents

By Manuel L. Morato My late father celebrated his birthday on July 4, yesterday.  Being a Sunday, I had no office, nor anyone to help

UNCENSORED: “Delta Variant”

By Manuel L. Morato The World Health Organization warns that the “Delta Variant” is more infectious. The Department of Health said: “It is now on