About Us

Business and politics inevitably affect each other. Reeling off from the global financial crisis a few years back, the Philippine Business and News will continue to provide helpful information and insights on issues that affect our nation including promoting of micro, small and medium enterprises and also assisting potential foreign investors who would like to set-up their business in the Philippines.

The news on both business and politics has always been channeled through the tri-media: radio, television and newspapers. But with the advent of the Internet, we can reach a far broader audience through new media journalism.

Here, you can depend on The Philippine Business and News (THEPHILBIZNEWS) to provide you with fresh news, coupled with in-depth analysis in the business and political arena.

The PHILBIZNEWS team is committed to providing valuable information and insights to help readers make informed and practical decisions. We also hope to influence newsmakers to keep in high priority the interest of the nation in all their actions.

We will also provide occasional jokes and other entertainment articles for every Filipino across the world.

Business education is our forte; serving the country by protecting local business and investment, our goal; working with media to make a better society, our contribution.

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