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How the Lady Behind Shangri-La Plaza succeeded in transforming country’s premiere mall?

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Who would have thought that the Lady Behind Shangri-La Plaza, our country’s premiere mall who be successful in her career shift working from as speech therapist for cerebral palsied children to Mall Executive.

Lala Fojas, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of  Shangri-La Plaza joyfully recalled and shared to The Philippine Business and News how she managed the transition of changing horses in the middle of stream. It was a bold move that would surely inspire a lot of those who are contemplating to shift their career.

But more than being courageous and risk taker, for the Shangri-La Plaza executive, it was a calculated risk for her as she equipped herself with the right knowledge and skills before taking the plunge. It was not a spur of the moment decision that are often done by others and regret later on.

Working for almost 20 years in the mall and retail industry, Shangri-La Mall’s transformation would speak for itself under the tutelage of Lala Fojas. And the lady boss of the most innovated mall in the country clarified that while she takes the lead, it was the entire team that should be credited to the what Shangri-La Plaza is now from where it was before when it opened in November 1991.

Just last December 2018, Shangri-La Plaza launched their Red Carpet Cinema which comprises four regular cinema and a premiere cinema.  It is also the first technology where you can pick your tickets via touch screen at the counter, so there’s no need to point out the seats you want to the attendant.

Sharing-La Plaza’s Red Carpet also hosted the renowned film festival Cine Europa last December 2018 which is the biggest international film festival in Manila toured around the Philippines to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The Red Carpet goes beyond movie places, they are very ideal for convention and other events such as product launching right in the heart of Metro Manila.

A strong believer of  teamwork, Fojas said that all these transformations taking place at their mall are product of contributions shared by everyone in the team.

There are many others Words Of Wisdom where everyone can learn from the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Shangri-La Plaza. For one, according to the lady boss of the premiere mall,  “Our people is the very foundation of our company and without them, we will not be able to do what we are doing, so their contributions and their supports are very important and equally our support to them to motivate them, tp be able to enhance their growth as well as in the organization.”

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