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The convenor of People’s Choice Movement (PCM), wrote a letter to the Philippine Bishops on the May 2019 midterm elections, May 13th Monday to be exact.

The letter expresses the Bishops personal reflection.  The letter claims that this 2019 midterm election is the “Most Dangerous” election ever in our history as a nation.  The PCM or People’s Choice Movement proposes to elect an “independent Senate” and gave several “proposals” and “solutions.”

Allow me to caution groups disguised in preserving democracy in our country.

The proposal to have an “independent Senate” by voting the opposition candidates maybe nice to hear but the bottomline is not to have an “independent” Senate but to fight President Duterte from within.

The so-called “independent” candidates of the Liberal Party are not “independent” of heart and mind for the people of our country.  I see that farfetched from happening if we elect the so-called “independent” candidates of the Liberal Party.  They are on a mission to topple the government, or to make things very difficult for this government to build our battered nation by the past administration.

They want to sit in the Senate to make things difficult as we have witnessed before; and those who call themselves “independent mind” of the Liberal Party belong to the same mold we have had in the past administration.  As many people are saying, these eight candidates are out on a mission to defend the “sins” of the past regime.

It’s a destructive opposition not constructive.  Its main objective is to put the present government down.  Please have a heart for the people of our beloved country and let’s help each other have a better nation.

What we need are principled Senators.  They are not opposition members, but adhere to what is right for people and country.  Unlike the so-called “independent opposition,” “Liberal minded” who are simply on a mission to destroy.  We do not need their kind.  We have had their kind whose names I won’t mention anymore for our own people know who they are who caused more trouble by sitting in the Senate with one objective in mind; and that is to make things difficult for the President to run the country.

We want the incumbent who are not as destructive as those who are trying so hard to come in – again.  Those who are trying so hard are mostly “pedigreed” of the past regime.  What can we really expect from them?  They have had no sterling past for the people to elect them into office – the Senate no less.

Principled Senators are those who can support what is right, what is good for the country unlike the so-called “independent liberals” who will oppose what is right and spouse what their benefactors want them to do, even if totally wrong.

Those are the kinds of candidates we should never put into office.

They want a comeback as many are saying.  The Bishop’s letter is a bit off tangent, with a hidden message to destabilize the government, said in “unmalicious” way.

Some they say, have no good intention but to preserve themselves from their sins in the past.

That is what this election is all about.  It is turning to be another abnormal election with possible rigging by those who have mastered the system in the past.  This time, it’s called “shading.”  Why are the same machines being used again?

Germany when it saw the massive cheating the computerized election can cause, immediately returned back to manual voting.  Cheating may happen but not massive as the computerized election can do.  It takes one button to press and voila, its all over! 

I need not repeat those strong candidates for they will be re-elected.

    Please take note of these candidates who have minds of their own and who side on what is good for our country.

What I want to put emphasis on are those candidates of good character who are running for the Senate for the first time who can put sanity in the Senate: Larry Gadon, Glenn Chong, Toti Casino, Bato de la Rosa, Jiggy Manicad, Doctor Willie Ong, Rafael Alunan, Francis Tolentino.

Special mention for me is Imee Marcos among the strong contenders. 

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