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What’s this ‘E-Title’?

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What’s this ‘E-Title’?
By Manuel L. Morato
So many title holders have been flocking to the Land Registration Administration (LRA) in Quezon City all seeking to replace the old titles of their properties with that so-called “E-Titles.”
I went to the LRA to know more about it. Most of the Filipino-Chinese property owners together with many others are scampering to convert their old titles into computerized ones called “E-Titles.” I talked to my insider friends who actually warned me not to bother for this E-Titles” has not been passed nor approved by the Supreme Court; and as such, it’s on voluntary basis at your own risk.
If I get it right, the Supreme Court questioned the fact na wala daw security features ang paper na ginagamit sa E-Titles; and as such, titles can be multiplied a thousand times. Ang security features daw ang ini-insist ng Supreme Court. Tama nga naman. Kaya pala “on voluntary” status pa ngayon. Not compulsory. Kaya po mag-ingat tayong lahat at ang ginagamit daw ng landgrabbers sa pagpapa-titulo ng mga properties ay “E-Titles.”
Ganito raw po ang ginawa:
Unang-una, noong masunugan ang Quezon City Hall noong 1988 (many say intentional daw), ang dami daw po napa-tituluhan ng mga taga loob at malakas sa poder na malalaking lupain; lalo na daw ‘yong wala pang titulo at Real Estate taxes lang ang binabayaran. Ang lalaking lupain daw po ang napunta sa ibang tao na pag-aari ng iba. Parang sinadya daw po ‘yong sunog at nadamay daw pati ang Hall of Justice na dati nasa mismong building ng Quezon City Hall katabi ng RD or Registry of Deeds at nadamay ang mga titulo ng properties sa Quezon City at records ng mga kaso. Hanggang ngayon hindi raw mare-construct ‘yong titulo sa tunay na may-ari; at nadamay din sa sunog ang mga records ng cases na nasa korte. Kawawa po ang mga nabiktima.
Ganito daw po ang ginawa ng mga malalaking developers: nilalakihan ang sukat ng lupain nila by encroaching part of the neighbors empty lots.
Ang attitude daw nitong landgrabbers ay kasuhan man sila, aabot ng taunan hanggang ibenta na lang sa kanila ‘yong nakain nilang lupain. Ubusan ng pera at pahirap ang labas.
May kaibigan po ako na may kaya na naninirahan na ngayon sa America. Bumalik po siya nang mabalitaan na may nag-encroach sa kanyang lupain sa Antipolo. Pinaderan na ‘yong parte ng lupa niya at hinuhukayan na ng backhoe ng dumating siya galing America. “E-Title” din ang gamit nong nag-landgrab ng portion of her property. Now they are in court at kapatid daw ng Congressman ang kalaban niya.
Tinagalog ko na po itong column ko ng maintindihan ng nakararami sa ating mga kababayan, lalo na ‘yong mga may kapirasong lupa na lang na aagawin pa sa kanila ng mga taong may pera at nasa poder. Nakakalungkot talaga.
Mayroong sinabi sa akin ‘yong kakilala ko na connected sa LRA. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, sa Quezon City lang daw ginagawa ito, siguro sa laki ng lupain dito na puwede pang nakawin.
Congress and the Senate must get into the bottom of this to find out the truth on what is happening. This is a major, major problem. Anybody, rich or poor can be affected by this illegal system.
To those in power, please help find out the truth about this “E-Titles” for it can be multiplied easily a thousand fold for lack of security features. The Supreme Court must immediately decide on this for as I was informed, everybody is awaiting the decision from the highest court of the land to say if “E-Titles” is legal or illegal.
For one, I am also very concerned because my youngest brother presented in court an “E-Title” which should have been the three original titles in the name of my late mother. This is a perfect example of how easily my brother was able to transfer the property of my late mother here in 99 Scout Gandia St., Barangay Sacred Heart, to his name by simply showing a falsified deed of sale from my mother, not notarized, no date, typewritten (which my late mother did not know how to type), out of form for he made my mother sign on a blank bond paper somewhere in the middle of the bond paper that he had to cram everything on the space left on top of my mother’s signature which according to the caretaker Pepito had the habit of using my mother’s thumbmark when she was already sick in the hospital that it took them to clean the ink on my mother’s thumb from the stamp pad to clean; and saw her crying after.
Question: How was Pepito able to get the “E-Titles” in his favor removing the name of my mother from the original title in her name? I must admit that the Belmontes are very powerful in Quezon City where all departments bow to them; and this particular brother is close to them.
Beware, be careful with “E-Titles” until the Supreme Court renders a decision if it is legal or illegal for lack of security features. “E-Titles,” I gathered was thought of by the Aquino regime. Even for that alone, throw that insane proposal away.
To the Filipino-Chinese community who are all sold on the idea, be extra, extra careful. Don’t go on with “E-Titles,” not until the Supreme Court has rendered its final decision. Dapat soon, bago lumaki pa ang damage.
I ask those in the know more than I do to kindly tell us if they are in favor or not with this “E-Title” which I have been told by many people in the know is still on experimental stage and not approved by the Supreme Court. Remember it was during the PNoy’s regime that the bill was sponsored. Whoever sponsored it must be investigated before it raise havoc on our people, nationwide.
Is it true that it’s Quezon City alone that is on experimental basis? What if a crook started it?
I call on our honest legislators and honest newspaper columnists to please comment on this particular issue and help the public know the truth.
I call on former Ambassador Tiglao, Mr. Yen Macabenta, Jojo Robles, and all our decent columnists to help get to the bottom of this very important issue in the name of public service.
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