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A time for healing, a time to rejoice

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Who would not be elated that after 117 years, the Balangiga Bells are now back to their home where they truly belong — to the folks of the Eastern Samar, Philippines.

It is totally pointless to discuss who should be credited for the return of these precious bells as this would not only posit division but also self-aggrandizement. It is not also good to exploit this momentous occasion to promote once’s political ambition and political soundbite to entice voters as the Election 2019 is a few months away.

The return of the Balangiga Bells to San Lorenzo de Martir Church is not the will of the people who made this happen. They are just all instruments of God.

Like it or not, we should not negate the divine intervention on this and be able to discern why after more than 100 years, the precious Balangiga bells are now home.

As US Ambassador Sung Kim said in his speech when the bells arrived at Villamor Airbase, “Returning the historic (Balangiga) bells was the “right thing to do”.

Perhaps, in God’s generosity and kindness, He even let the bells be home at the most celebrated occasion in the country, the CHRISTmas Season, where the Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Having said this, let these three precious bells continue to ring and bring healing for the Filipino people across the world.. yes, let the healing begin. There is not need to recall what transpired and whose fault it was that these bells were in captivity for 117 years. There is no healing if we will continue to scratch the old wound.

It is time for both Filipinos and Americans to rejoice and let the sound of the three bells redound not just in our minds, but also in our hearts and realize that these bells are symbol of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE that the whole world needs now amidst chaos and confusion.

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