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“Doble Plaka”

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“Doble Plaka”

I don’t know what exactly it means; but I just read that President Duterte is putting it on hold; that Senator JV Ejercito “had a chat with the President together with his friend, motorcycle legend Butch Chase prior to his speech at the Bike Convention.”

It was said that President Duterte is a “listening President.”  That’s true.

On my part, I do not know exactly what’s the solution.  Is it because of a larger plate number for motorcycles?  Does this have to be a big problem?  I’ve seen the current license plates of motorcycles; and I took note of how small the numbers on the plates are.  Frankly, it’s difficult to decipher.  At a short distance of a few meters, one has to go to an eye clinic to check on my astigmatism.  The numbers are indeed too small to roam the city streets.  And another reason I hear the bigger license plate will make the looks of the motorcycles ugly?  Shall we shove aside the benefits it serves?

What the author of replacing the license plate to a bigger one to me makes sense.  I do not know who among the senators is sponsoring the change to a larger license plate.  But those who argue against the enlargement ay hindi din raw makakatulong kasi ninanakaw daw ‘yong plate number ng ibang sasakyan.  From those I’ve talked to and informed me, that’s what’s happening.  Be that as it may, it is indeed true na dapat may “Doble Plaka” sa harap at sa likod.  Sa ngayon yata, sa likod lang may license plate ang mga motorsiklo.  Am I right?  Wala nga raw sa harap.  And the new license plate is appropriate.

I think what principally bothers the motorcycle club about the “doble plaka” ay masisira daw ang itsura at ganda ng motorsiklo nila.  Is the vanity issue here more important than security and safety?

At the rate innocent people are being killed by some so-called “riding-in-tandem killers” (not all), can’t the motorcycle club make a sacrifice in cooperation with the law enforcers’ suggestion to make the license plate bigger and more readable in the back.  Is it the “desecration” of the looks of their motorcycle to put a larger license plate on the front?  Papangit daw ang itsura ng motorsiklo.

With the dangers the public is confronted now with those who resort to killing by riding-in-tandem, let’s compromise – if they will agree.

I am not a biker anymore, something I used to do in our summer place in Spain before, every summer I spent there from my schooling in the U.S.  But after I was almost sandwiched by a big bus and a stone wall in a curve of the zigzag road along the Mediterranean Sea, by a hairline I was saved, never did I ride on one again.

It was only last Sunday that I saw in Ted Failon’s TV program the discussion on this “Doble Plaka.”  There seems to be no quarrel about larger license plate at the back.  It looks nice.  The license plate in the front of the motorcycle needs to be studied further.  The plate seems to be too large for a small fender.  They tried different ways, but they don’t seem to agree.  The LTO officials admitted further study is needed.

If I may suggest, the fender is indeed too slim in the front.  The only solution is to put a small one on the front.  The larger plate number behind is necessary and does not take away the aesthetic appeal on the motorcycle.  But let them compromise: a bigger license plate behind and a small one in front.

One thing all motorcycle owners must be aware of is security.  Criminals have taken advantage of the motorcycles as a killer machine.     

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