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U.S. President Donald Trump

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U.S. President Donald Trump

Frankly, I don’t know who Adam Schiff is.  If I am not mistaken, I can venture to say that he is a U.S. Congressman who wears a pair of contact lenses.  Correct?  It’s easy to tell one who uses contact lenses for he or she keeps blinking for the eyeballs dry up fast without enough lubricant, especially when a person is getting old.

Yes, I think I’ve seen Congressman Adam Schiff on TV speak in Congress, again if I am not mistaken.  Anyway, a tweet came in to my cellphone from Adam Schiff @ Re…17h.  And this is what is said in his tweet: “I say this to the President, and his defenders in Congress: You may think it’s okay how Trump and his associates interacted with Russians during the campaign.  I don’t.  I think it’s immoral.  I think it’s unethical.  I think it’s unpatriotic.  And yes, I think it’s corrupt.”

Golly, those are strong words; so strong that it caused such comments of “Holier than thou” that triggered the massive overflow crowds in Grand Rapids, Michigan that day in massive support of President Trump.  In another tweet, President Trump thanked the huge crowd.

What puzzles me is, what’s wrong in befriending our enemies?  President Trump is the kind of person who speaks out what he feels because he is not a politician, but just a straight forward person who can ruffle feathers by speaking out when he sees wrong being done that is bad for America.  He truly loves his country unlike the other politicians who pretend to love America but plays coy to come out likeable by the American people by being a hypocrite.  They even attack President Trump from being nice to North Korea’s Supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un, after balling him out for threatening America.  But President Trump can swallow his pride gracefully when it calls for it.  He is not a vindictive person.  He can swallow his pride, as I said, for a higher mission for his country and not hold any grudges thereafter.

I cannot understand why the Democrat politicians in Congress refuse to understand that there is nothing wrong in the approach of friendship of President Trump with President Putin of Russia; or North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un.  U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff found President Trumps interaction with President Putin “immoral… unethical… unpatriotic… corrupt.”  I don’t see any connection in Schiff’s accusation to merit President Trump’s attention.  What wrong has President Trump done to deserve such accusations in defense of his country?  I have an advice for Congressman Adam Schiff:  Run for president first so you can impose your “holier-than-thou” stance, if you make it to the presidency.

Such kind of behavior does not do any good for America.  Pontificating should be a no-no.  All of you are old enough to be sober and be statesmen.

With all sincerity, I understand the style of President Trump in running his country as he ran his business empire.

If there is any leader of the country who can befriend his enemy/ies by not going to war nor quarreling is President Trump who knows the art of making friends.  He is misinterpreted by his critics.  I see President Trump like a good poker player.  He can bluff, push and pull, who has the knack of feeling out the enemies.  In a way, our President Duterte has the same attributes.

There was a more serious issue, more serious than kowtowing with President Putin, the Russian President, and that is the sale of Uranium from U.S. to Russia by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  That is the worst thing to do for an “enemy,” sell “bullets” to them to shoot back.  Imagine that: American uranium to make atomic bombs, aside of to generate power for electricity?

To many people, that’s the most treacherous for an America government official to do; and no mention of it by the Democrats, nor the people of America.  Think again if that is not a work of a traitor.  A better word for it is saboteur.  And there is a stronger word for it which is treason.   

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