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Quezon City Courts seen beholden to one family

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Quezon City Courts seen beholden to one family

We truly had a very bad experience in the Quezon City Courts.

In all the cases we filed in the Quezon City Courts, confusion reigns when it’s our turn to submit and start presenting evidences for the hearing proper.  The other party tells the Judge to inhibit after almost one year in that sala pag tagilid ang takbo nila.  Another case of Syndicated Estafa in the Asst. Prosecutor office, no hearing at all was accorded us but the Judge decided the case in favor of the group of Jose L. Morato and the Belmontes before Christmas.  They filed a libel case against me in another sala, but when I was presenting my answer, the Assistant Prosecutor or Fiscal was asked to inhibit.

Masyadong malakas daw ang grupo ni Belmonte sa mga Korte sa Quezon City.  Justice is difficult to achieve in the Quezon City courts.

I have been to so many hearings as MTRCB Chairman, PCSO Chairman and director where “PNoys alter egos filed cases against President Gloria’s appointees – me included.”  There seems to be no justice in many of our courts of law.  Decisions are based on something I don’t know what to call them.  But the basic principle is “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”

It has been a year that we filed these cases against Jose L. Morato and the Belmontes.  They asked the Judge and the Fiscals to inhibit themselves for in truth and in fact, it is outright impossible for them to win the cases based on falsified documents they have presented which we are contesting.  Dilatory tactic is their strategy until they sit in office again – should they win again – God-willing not!

The other party using dilatory tactics must not be allowed.  This should also not be allowed by our Justice System.  I only explain the truth in my column and I am libeled by Joy and calls me a liar in Karen Davila’s TV program, “Headstart.”  She sues me for libel when I should be the one to sue her for signing a Special Permit for 21 storey condo/hotel in my parents’ ancestral home which they took over and demolished, by-passing Republic Act 10066.  The DILG must investigate what our local government City Councils are deciding in their favor, disadvantageous to the public at large. 

Evidently, they bought the property of my parents’ ancestral home since 2014 and kept it a secret from us the 5 heirs of my mother for over 5 years.  Have you seen such a mafioso operation?

My friends in Quezon City told me not to ask for reconsideration here in Quezon City for it is futile for there is a family that rules the courts of Quezon City, allied with Jose L. Morato who is their dummy.

Jose L. Morato sues me for libel in support of Joy’s libel charges against me and asked the Fiscal to inhibit just for saying: “Chairman Morato, I know you.  I saw you in the shop of my auntie.”  I answered: “But Your Honor, this is the first time I saw you.”  I am just one of the hundreds of customers of his auntie’s store open to the public.  And for that, the Fiscal was asked to inhibit.

The auntie passed away in September 2002.  I really do not know how she can intervene on my behalf 17 years after her death.

The inhibition has no legal merit at all; and I hope it can be reconsidered.  It’s like playing a musical chair in the Quezon City courts.  So much time and money are wasted.  Have pity!

I pray this coming election could bring about changes for decency to the dynasty of 27 years removed.  That is my prayer.  Vote Bingbong Crisologo – Jopet Sison.

How could I be libeled by Joy and Jose L. Morato when I sent the documents signed by them to Karen Davila?  Is there libel when one is speaking of the truth supported by documents?  And many other falsified documents based on lies with my lawyers.

* * * * *


Vicente Azuela Balleza, father of Mina Balleza Augusto, Manager of BDO on Tomas Morato Metrofocus, Quezon City passed away last week, survived by his wife Arceli Balleza and children.

Our deepest condolences to the family; and may he rest in peace forever with God and Our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God in heaven for all eternity.

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