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False Alarm

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False Alarm

According to a newspaper article, Kit Tatad allegedly spread rumors about the President’s “deteriorating” health; that Tatad “wrote in a newspaper column that President Duterte underwent a successful kidney transplant at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan… last January 29, 2019;” or barely three weeks ago.

I don’t have to be a doctor to say that that story is so far from being truthful.  Just basing it from my experience in the PCSO attending and helping patients who had kidney transplant with PCSO assistance, President Duterte could not have had a kidney transplant and be gallivanting around right after the alleged “kidney transplant.”  Regardless that the surgery was “successful,” a kidney transplant patient cannot be up and about right away for he or she is in danger of rejection.  It takes at least 3 months for a kidney transplantee to be put in isolation for a person who underwent a kidney surgery is in danger of rejecting the kidney of the donor for it is not easy to find a kidney donor whose kidney perfectly matches the recipient; and also on the other hand, a patient who’ve undergone a kidney transplant must recuperate for at least 3 months in isolation para kumapit ng mabuti ‘yong kidney na galing sa ibang tao.  Ang transplant patient must really make a big sacrifice.

For example, an old friend, Boy Saycon had a kidney transplant last September 2018.  I texted him to limit his visitors for he might get contaminated by them; that I will not visit nor should he accept other visitors.  He told me that that’s what his doctor told him as well not to accept visitors, or until December 2018 or three months after.  Boy and I limited ourselves to texting each other.

I am so glad he had a very successful surgery.  He has fully recovered now after 5 months.  He is healthy, he lost weight which is good, and shall we say, totally well.  At his age, he has much to be thankful for – to the kidney donor who gave him his kidney that matched with his, to the very good doctor, to his supportive friends, and above all to God Almighty.  Boy told me that he was scheduled to have the surgery last September 8 birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mother for he is a Marian devotee like me.  But it had to be rescheduled to the 17th of September for the lady doctor noticed something to normalize.  I don’t recall what it was all about.

So Kit, your story on the President’s “successful” kidney transplant cannot be true.  He is up and about as if nothing happened and indeed the write-up on the “successful kidney transplant” that President Duterte allegedly had could only be true, if you were the one who donated one of your kidneys to him.  But you still have your two kidneys hindi ba?  But if you say you have only one now, you must have donated the other to the late President Ferdinand Marcos.  But then again, President Marcos did not die of kidney failure. Did he?    

Donating one’s kidney is not a joke!  And finding a kidney donor whose kidney matches with the patient is also very difficult to find.

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