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Phl historical ‘Manila Cathedral’ takes center stage at Sapporo Snow Festival

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By Monsi A. Serrano
Photo from Sapporo Tourist Association

Filipinos regardless of their faith would be happy to see the replica of the “Manila Cathedral” made out of snow during the 2015 Sapporo Snow Festival under the auspices of HBC (Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.) in Hokkaido, Japan.

Mr. Shinji Mae of Sapporo Tourist Association (STA) Executive Committee gladly shared this picture. While this was taken four years ago, the STA official was very excited and delighted to share this with The Philippine Business and News.

The said replica of the Manila Cathedral was created under the auspices of the Japanese media firm Hokkaido Broadcasting Co. (HBC).

Unknown to many, the Manila Cathedral has been through a lot of pounding from calamities such as typhoons, fire, earthquakes, and wars and remains standing after more than 400 years.

Japan’s most celebrated winter festival which is visited by people around the world event Japanese from other regions is a unique experience.

To date, there are more than 2M people and still counting to witness the fabulous week-long winter festival that celebrate diversity, hospitality, and uniqueness of Japanese culture and heritage. This is the 70th Anniversary of the Sapporo Snow Festival, and every year, new designs and sculptures are made.

Interestingly, there were several Filipino tourists who also traveled to Hokkaido to experience the Sapporo Snow Festival and they expressed their amazement at what they saw and experienced during their visit.

Hokkaido is the coldest region in Japan and one of the most visited regions during wintertime.

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