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Women play a big role in the transformation of the society

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Women play a big role in the transformation of the society
Text and photo by Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS

Admit it or not, the number of empowered women who held vital positions in the world continues to grow, even in the Philippines.

This was the important points that were discussed during the successful Asia Women’s 2019 held at the Manila Marriott and a project of the most admire event organizer in the country the ASIA CEO Forum under the tutelage of the power couple, Richard Mills and Rebecca Bustamante-Mills.

It was good to note that the delegates did not only come from the Philippines but also from other countries like US, Singapore, United Kingdom to name a few.

Executives, managers and staff from different companies and industries took part of this momentous event and shared their unique experience on how they encountered challenges in the business world and workplaces, and successfully transcended these challenges that take them to where they are now — empowered and confident.

Their stories have inspired the delegates and they gladly share this to everyone in order to look at themselves and see how they can be agents of change and positively contribute not just in their workplace and the society, but even in their own homes.

This is also one of the highlights that was given emphasis, that more than being successful in their careers based on their proven track record, the importance of having a balance life as business leader, game change, mentor, housewife, mother, and daughter. One may be very successful in her career but if this is at expense of the family, this is not enough.

Keynote Speaker, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Puyat, shared how she squarely faced the challenges when she took over the corruption riddled Department of Tourism when she took over from her predecessor.

But her challenge did not end there, as Boracay was ordered to shut down for rehabilitation and inevitably threatened the number of tourists that would come to the Philippines. But because of her courage under fire, she just focused on what needs to be done. While we lost 500 thousand tourists because of the temporary closure, the Tourism Chief worked hard using other strategies and offering other lovely destinations in the country other than Boracay, the number of tourists went up by 7.1M or 7.6% growth which is the highest ever recorded in the Philippine tourism.

Meanwhile, young lass Mica Tan, shared her experience handling the business locally and then later on expanded in the global market was a tall order at first. But because of her persistence, even at a young age, she was able to slowly but surely making a name in the business industry around the world.

For Grace Granlund, a Cebu based successful businesswoman, she shared how her concept made it a lot easier and simpler on how we all transact real estate through the use of technology. While Audry Tanco-Uy, owner French patisserie chain shared how she also faced the highly competitive retail food industry and successfully embark on Bizu Catering Studio out from a Bizu Patisserie. It’s product (service) innovation that was used to be able to serve the bigger market which is catering.

Another inspiring story was that from Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez, CEO of Happy Skin who did not mind facing a Goliath and seemingly saturated market. But armed with her vision, the brand received award from Ayala Malls as the Most Promising Retailer for 2015 and also from Watsons as the Most Promising New Cosmetic Brand of the Year for 2015.

While she admitted it was a leapt in the dark, her strategy of serving the untapped market and coming up with a better skin care product, is now one of the country’s fastest growing skin care companies.

On the other hand, Donna Cruz dared to explore the men’s world of engineers. She did not mind traveling across Asia to seek job opportunities for the Filipino compatriots making huge deals for the world’s largest engineering company. She is now very successful and her secret was just to dare to achieve her dream and manage all challenges.

Leading one of the country’s famous and most active charitable foundations ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, was not as easy as what others think. Susan Afan, shared that loving what you do leads to fullfilment. It goes beyond asking for donation. It is about compassion and respect for those who are in need.

Afan can land a high paying job as executive of one of the companies, but her response to the call of helping others was stronger than the lots of opportunities she can get when works as executive of any multinational companies.

Rosemarie Rafael, another visionary woman business leader believes that setting a boundary is not a good practice or work ethic.

The tenacious game changer whose high energy is limitless does not believe in slowing down because there are so many opportunities if one has the knack for these. While others would opt to retire after spending more than 3 decades in their business, the lady boss Rafael even recently opened up a warehouse that is geared to the expansion of their business and see more opportunities down the road.

Last but not the least, flying direct to the Philippines from the United States was the bestselling author, trusted adviser to executives, international consultant, seminar leader and motivational speaker Rebecca Morgan.

Morgan who wowed the delegates with her no nonsense pieces of advice to the women delagates by saying that, “Success in career is just one. But success in being a wife, mother or daughter or whatever roll one does after work must also be given priority. Her holistic approach in managing career and family life has a very strong impact to the delegates as most of them have to juggle work and family life.

In the interview of The Philippine Business and News to the delegates of the successful and talk of the town women summit, they all look forward to another exciting, relevant and impactful Asia Women Summit in 2020 and the Asia CEO Forum and Asia CEO Awards are always ready to be a part of the nation building through various meaningful and prestigious events they hold in the Philippines.

The Philippine Business and News is a proud acclaimed media partner of the ASIA CEO Awards, Asia CEO Summit and other events.

For more details about other events schedule for 2019, visit,

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