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Huwag Matakot

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Huwag Matakot

May mga bakuna na kailangan nating lahat, lalo na ang mga sanggol to protect them (and us) from unexpected diseases.

The outbreak of measles in several region in Luzon, Visayas and part of Mindanao are now being closely monitored, according to the DOH.  There have been deaths and rising in numbers by the day.

I have one suggestion to make: Publish a list of vaccines approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) to inform the public in general to remove the scare of vaccines from the peoples mind for what had happened to almost a million young 4th grader nationwide because of the Dengvaxia vaccines given to them without parental consents.  It was forced on those young students with the help of the Department of Education.

May nagsasabi na ang sabi daw ng mga school officials na hindi makukuha ang report cards ng mga bata kapag hindi mabakunahan ng Dengvaxia vaccine.

As reported, it was made obligatory to 4th graders to be vaccinated and their parents could not reject for there were consequences if their children are not vaccinated.

Considering that the Dengvaxia vaccine was on experimental stage and not yet approved by the WHO, it means that the 4th grade students were made as guinea pigs.  But the unfortunate part of it all was why did they not experiment on a few of that age they chose to vaccinate?  Why the 4th graders?  Why was the Dengvaxia vaccine not tried in the laboratory on mice, rabbits and guinea pigs?  Why subject the twelve-year-old children?  Why victimize them on deadly vaccines not yet approved by the World Health Organization or WHO; and almost a million of them?

Even without the consequences that have surfaced as a result of the Dengvaxia vaccine on those children, the children should have been spared.  Maybe a criminal in prison even one or two of them, could have been vaccinated as part of their punishment.  In so doing, they could have served their country in some way or another.  But to vaccinate the young innocent children, is one of the biggest crimes; and to think that almost a million were victimized – on a trial basis for the French company that manufactured said Dengvaxia vaccine.

What I think we owe it to the public is to publish the vaccines that are tried and tested; and approved by the WHO.  List them all as safe vaccines so that the people may know.

We have to counteract and neutralize the mindset of our people that all vaccines are dangerous.  That’s one of the biggest damages the Dengvaxia vaccine scandal had caused on our people.  As a result, it scared us all; and rightfully so.  And may I say, the casualties of the measle outbreak could also be attributed to the Dengvaxia vaccine scandal.  Cause and effect ‘yan.

What we can do is help disseminate information to the public that vaccines that have been approved by the WHO can safely been given to the people.  Without this list made to the public specifying “Approved by WHO,” the people will continue to resist being vaccinated.  May katuwiran naman at alam na ng lahat ang nangyari sa atin halos isang milyong kabataan na nainiksiyunan ng Dengvaxia vaccine.

Hanggang itong listahan na ito ay hindi nailalabas sa mga pahayagan, pati sa radyo at telebisyon, our people will not be re-assured.

The next problem: Do we have the stock of these vaccines needed against the outbreak of measles or “tigdas”?

Maybe many died for lack of available vaccines kontra tigdas or measles.     

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