Very tragic and lamentable

Manuel L. Morato

Very tragic and lamentable

The bombing of the Sulu Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is so tragic and lamentable.  Those present for the 8:30 mass were there to pray for peace, for harmony and unity.  They were not there to ask God for something bad but for what would be good for all, conscious of the election on the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).  They had good reasons to pray for what would be good for them.

At the latest count, 80 wounded and at least 20 or more people died, including 14 soldiers and 2 policemen were wounded, according to reports which up to now varies.

According to Chief Supt. Graciano Mijares, Police Director for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), 15 civilians, mostly churchgoers, died as well as 5 soldiers and a Coast Guard member.

The reports vary from day to day as 81 churchgoers were wounded and 20 to 25 have died, as of the latest count.  Not known at the moment is how many of the 81 wounded will survive; and we pray that they all survive, God willing.

The two explosions in the Cathedral entrance that ripped off the back part of the Cathedral harmed and killed instantly those attending the Sunday Holy Mass.

Places of worship must always be respected and no one should cause harm on those who pray for the well-being of everybody – our fellowmen.  People who go to places of worship, may they be mosques, Catholic Church and other Christian Churches, ask the Almighty God to unite our people, not to harm one another.  Churchgoers do not ask for something evil to happen.  They precisely go to church, mosques and places of worship to pray for good to happen and never for something bad nor harmful to anyone.  Churchgoers always have the best intentions for everyone.

It is good to know and to always keep in mind that Our Lord God and Allah the Supreme Being of Islam will never grant nor allow anyone to ask for something evil to harm others.  All Supreme Beings we worship will only grant something good and will never grant any favor to anyone who requests and pray for something wrong to happen to anyone.  Their prayers will never be answered by God nor Allah nor any Supreme Being we and our people worship.  We have our own beliefs and they are for the betterment of everyone.

When will we have peace and order?  Why don’t we use reason to end our differences?  These differences must not go on forever for bad things cannot be allowed by our Supreme Being to go on forever.  There must be a time to start settling our differences and to end it eventually.  We are on this world to do good to our fellowmen and not to do wrong.

Let us disagree to agree.  As a Pastor once said about the “FOUR REALITIES OF LIFE”:





And that goes for all the religions of all denominations.

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