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Henry Sy, Sr.

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Henry Sy, Sr.

Mr. Henry Sy, Sr. passed away quietly last week, as quietly as he led his life.

He was a very humble man and I had the opportunity to join them on a quiet dinner with the entire family to celebrate the birthday of my cousin from my mother’s side in Quezon Province, Rosa Lim Chang who is connected with SM Megamall on Edsa for the longest time. She is particularly close to the Sy family.

Henry Sy, Jr. known for his nickname “Big Boy” whom I have known for many years for he was a friend of my nieces and nephews Juanto Morato Cuenca (father of actor Jake Cuenca); and his sisters, my nieces, Alicia Morato Cuenca and Coni when they were studying here in Manila.  But both nieces of mine married in Spain, while the two brothers, Juanto and Manny, married Filipinas and stay here in the Philippines.

Those were during their younger days when my niece, Alicia, then age 17, was a Pitoy Moreno model who travelled a lot with the former First Lady Imelda Marcos to model in Bloomingdale in the U.S., in Russia and many other countries.

I went to the wake last Tuesday, January 23, and it was the first time I saw the The Heritage Parks and Chapels in Taguig so full of people and parked cars in all the streets inside the Heritage Park.

Pastor Peter Tanchi of Christ’s Commission Fellowship gave a very inspiring talk but too long for me to print.  I shall pick some highlights that I feel are very meaningful in life to think about.

First, he spoke about the “Four Realities of Life”: “Death is sure; Life is short; Heaven is real; Jesus is our Hope.”

On “Death is sure: How come we live in denial?  How come we don’t prepare?  The Bible says death is final.  It is appointed unto men, you die once.  After this, judgment.”

On “Life is short, …compared to eternity, life is short… The Bible is saying life is short and that’s why you need wisdom.”

On the third reality, “Heaven is real  Heaven is real to those who are sure of going, but if you’re not sure where you’re going, you can never rejoice on this.”

The last reality of life is: “Jesus is our Hope.” …“It is not winning the sweepstakes.”  And if I may add, neither winning in the lotto, STL nor Jueteng.  “Jesus is our certainty of eternal life.”

What also struck me in Henry Sy, Jr or “Big Boy’s” short talk was about what his father always said to them, his children: “A good name is to be more desired, more than great wealth.”

Mr. Henry Sy, Sr. lived up to his motto in life.  He was quiet, reserved, simple and sincere, more on the shy and humble side.  Totally unassuming sans pretentions.  A good man blessed by God for his many kindnesses toward his fellowmen.

Post Script:

I would like to thank all my readers in The Philippine Business and News. Your various reactions to my regular column discussing various issues make me happy and humbled by your continuous trust to me and THEPHILBIZNEWS. God bless you all and our country!

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