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Magdalo denies involvement in any plot to oust Duterte

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Magdalo Partylist Representative Gary Alejano denies he or any of the Magadalo comrades is involved in any plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

The President said that there was an intelligence report that there are some groups that are out to oust him since last year and at one point identified the former marine officer turned politician Alejano and his group.

However, Alajano vehemntly denied this by saying, “I categorically deny that the Magdalo is involved in any oust plot against the President.”

The Magdalo is performing its mandate as members of the opposition under the check and balance system of our democratic government. The essence of this is to strengthen democracy and not to destabilize it. Further, since the onset of the Duterte administration, the actions of Magdalo have shown respect of the Constitution and the legal processes it provides. We continue to trust our government institutions despite being abused right now by certain leaders in order to advance their own interests.

The allegation of our involvement in the destabilization is purely a product of imagination and paranoia of the Duterte administration. This is only meant to divert the attention of the people from the present economic woes they themselves have failed to address. If there is someone destabilizing the present government, they should not look beyond themselves for they are ones destabilizing it.

Defense Secretary Lorenzana has already stated that reports of destabilization plots are false. The communists have been constant enemies of the state. Since time immemorial, they have the ultimate objective of removing any sitting president and toppling down a democratic government.

Being former soldiers, the Magdalo is very much aware of this. We subscribe to democracy and the Constitution. We will never ally ourselves to the communists who also killed some our mistahs and troops in the past and present.

What is clear to the people, especially before the eyes of soldiers who were assigned in Mindanao, is it was Duterte who actually coddled the New People’s Army (NPA) in Davao City. He himself admitted in public that he provided millions to NPA.

He even encouraged businessmen to pay revolutionary taxes, recognizing that such scheme is already part of life. The people should also be reminded that Duterte accorded Leoncio Pitao, also known as Kumander Parago, a hero’s burial when the latter was killed by the military in Davao.

Further, it was Duterte who appointed several personalities allied to the communists in his Cabinet. Up to now, they continue to occupy government positions and influence programs, projects and policies. He was also responsible in releasing high-ranking officers of CPP-NPA-NDF who remain at large.

This was what Magdalo Representative said to belie all the accusations against him.

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