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DICT Chief Rio reminds Senator Drilon: Mislatel’s franchise valid

DICT Chief Rio reminds Senator Drilon: Mislatel's franchise valid By Monsi A. Serrano Photo From THEPHILBIZNEWS/Ariel G. Raule Contrary to the statement made by Senator Frank Drilon...

Duterte’s wish, no TRO for 3rd Telco

If he has his way, President Rodrigo Duterte does not want any legal obstacle on the selection of Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co. Inc. (Mislatel)...

DICT Secretary Rio: Bidding was not rigged, Mislatel complied

DICT Secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. belies the malicious rumors that have been circulating in the social media that the allegations that they favored Mislatel Consortium to win the third...

It’s final and official: Mislatel is the 3rd telco player

It's official.  The National Telecommunications Commission has already issued an order awarding to Mislatel, a company identified with Dennis Uy-led Udenna Corp, Chelsea Logistics...

Udenna Corp. and China Telecommunications Corp. named new telco 3rd major player

Davao-based businessman and known supporter of President Duterte, Dennis Uy's group win 3rd telco license together with the state-owned telecommunications provider from China, poised as...

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