Udenna Corp. and China Telecommunications Corp. named new telco 3rd major player

Davao-based businessman and known supporter of President Duterte, Dennis Uy’s group win 3rd telco license together with the state-owned telecommunications provider from China, poised as a challenger to telecommunications giants PLDT and Globe.
The partnership of Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corp. and China Telecommunications Corp. was named yesterday as the provisional new major player, subject to document verification by a selection committee.
While there were other groups that expressed their intention to bid and had submitted formal offers to the government to become third major players of telco in the country, but it turned out that Uy’s group was the lone qualified bidder.
Udenna Spokesman Adel Tamano expressed their satisfaction with the process. Tamano said, “We want to commend the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) for a fair and transparent selection process. We are honored and humbled to be chosen the provisional new major player and on behalf of Udenna, Chelsea and China Telecom, we promise that we will work very hard to give the Filipino people world class telecommunication services that they deserve.” 
Meanwhile, Udenna and subsidiary Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. announced that they were teaming up with China Telecom and congressional franchise holder Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co. to form the Mislatel consortium and make formal its participation in the NTC’s selection process for the new major player in the Philippine telecommunications market.
In its statement Mislatel said, The consortium is confident that Udenna Corp.’s extensive supply chain and knowledge of local industries will complement the world-class technology and telecommunications expertise of China Telecommunications Corp., one of the world’s largest and most experienced fixed and mobile network operators. Meanwhile, Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp.’s expertise in logistics and distribution will enable the speedy development of the network.”
Should it become the country’s new major telco player, the consortium said its immediate priority would be to prepare and consolidate all the required resources so it could provide the best telecommunications services that Filipinos have been clamoring for.
Based on the result of the bidding and evaluation subject to document verification by a selection committee. the consortium garnered the total of 456.80 points based on the highest committed level of service selection model consisting of three selection criteria – national population coverage, minimum average broadband speed and capital and operational expenditures. Moreover, they made the commitment of 84 percent network coverage of the population in the entire country after five years, with total investments of P257 billion. Other bidders were PT&T and Chavit Singson’s LCS Group of Companies and TierOne consortium. 
With the country’s third telecommunications player named, it is expected to break the existing duopoly of Globe and Smart in the sector is still facing uncertainties as controversies marked the highly anticipated bidding. LCS-TierOne is said to have failed to submit its participation commitment, while PT&T failed to submit a certification of technical capability from the NTC. But both parties expressed their intention to file a motion for reconsideration and have three days to submit their motion for reconsideration and the selection committee has three days to act on it.
Meanwhile Globe Telecom, welcomed the entry of a telco challenger, saying it can help foster a healthy competitive environment and ultimately benefit consumers.
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