Phl gov’t, Italy’s MERMEC Group forge strategic partnership to accelerate railway infrastructure

In photo from left, Anneli Lontoc, Undersecretary of the Department of Transport of the Philippines and MERMEC's Vice President for International Affairs Mr. Angelo Petrosillo during the signing of agreement to boosst Railway Infrastructure in the Philippines on November 28, 2023.

In a significant milestone for the Philippines’ transportation sector, the Government of the Philippines and MERMEC, a renowned Italian Hi-Tech company, have officially inked a cooperation agreement aimed at elevating the nation’s expertise in railway infrastructure monitoring, safety, and cost-effective maintenance. The partnership, sealed with a signing ceremony in Manila, underscores a commitment to invest in the future of the country’s transport systems.

The agreement, focused on highly specialized training programs, is anticipated to strengthen the competencies of Filipino technicians and engineers. Moreover, it aims to attract back home highly qualified professionals currently working abroad. This aligns with the vision articulated by President Bongbong Marcos, emphasizing the importance of improving lives, fostering social inclusion, and preserving the environment through advancements in the transportation sector.

MERMEC’s Vice President for International Affairs Mr. Angelo Petrosillo expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing that investing in transport is synonymous with investing in a more sustainable future. The initiative not only addresses the training needs of local talent but also seeks to bring back valuable expertise to contribute to the growth of the Philippines.

The cooperation agreement sets in motion the establishment of a National Diagnostic Data Center, a pivotal component in the broader strategy to bolster the country’s railway infrastructure. This center will complement the introduction of advanced measuring trains and cutting-edge measurement systems, which shall mark the beginning of MERMEC’s operations in the Philippines.

Anneli Lontoc, Undersecretary of the Department of Transport of the Philippines, lauded the agreement for elevating the technological landscape within the country. Lontoc emphasized that the focus on training is a key element for the cost-effective management of railway infrastructure. The collaboration with MERMEC, recognized as a global leader in Hi-Tech excellence, is poised to bring unparalleled advancements to the Philippines’ transportation sector.

This agreement is part of MERMEC’s broader international strategy, with Manila being the third stop on a tour that has already included Tokyo and Sydney. The company commitment to the Asia-Pacific region is underscored by the signing of significant commercial agreements during this tour, reinforcing the region’s central role in MERMEC’s global expansion.


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