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Grab lauds Phl gov’t for bolstering TNVS Industry

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Grab Philippines applauds the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s (LTFRB) recent announcement to introduce 10,000 new Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) slots, a move that signifies a pivotal step towards a more inclusive, dynamic, and robust transportation sector in the Philippines.

As a leading superapp and key driver in the Philippine economy, Grab has been at the forefront of transforming urban mobility, not just as a service provider but as a key economic contributor and innovator. The LTFRB’s decision aligns with our commitment to expanding economic opportunities, enhancing public convenience, and driving sustainable urban development.

Economic Empowerment and Innovation:

The introduction of new TNVS slots is a testament to the sector’s potential as a significant economic driver. This expansion is about leveraging technology and mobility to spur broader economic growth, stimulating job creation, and fostering innovation within the Philippine economy. This viewpoint is supported by industry experts, including Dr. Thomas G. Aquino, a transport economics specialist and a Senior Fellow at the University of the Asia & Pacific – Center for Research and Communications. Aquino notes that, “The contribution of growth-inducing digital platforms [like ride-hailing] to downstream and upstream productive sectors as well as households, is definitely positive and can be expected to grow.”

As we welcome new players and more driver-partners across the ride-hailing industry, we are setting the stage for an even more competitive and customer-centric market, benefitting the commuting public, drivers, and the economy at large.

Empowering Women in the TNVS Industry:

At Grab, we recognize the invaluable role women play in our society and economy. The new TNVS slots present a remarkable opportunity to support more women in joining the ride-hailing workforce, particularly those seeking flexible working arrangements.

In line with its commitment to creating inclusive livelihood opportunities, Grab Philippines implements a vigorous Women Program to increase the number of female drivers in its fleet

Ride-hailing offers an ideal platform for women who balance professional aspirations with family responsibilities, providing them with a viable avenue for economic participation and empowerment. Grab is committed to supporting women drivers through targeted programs, training, and community-building efforts, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to thrive in this dynamic industry. The leading superapp aims to double the number of its current women driver fleet by end-2024 – a manifestation of its commitment to creating inclusive access to equitable livelihood opportunities.

Commitment to the Filipino Community:

Grab Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the Filipino people. Our vision extends beyond transportation, aiming to create a seamless and integrated ecosystem that supports various aspects of Filipino life—from mobility and food delivery to financial services. By fostering a more inclusive and robust TNVS industry, we are not only enhancing urban mobility but also contributing to a more connected and economically vibrant Philippines.

As we embrace this new chapter, Grab Philippines is excited to work alongside the LTFRB, our drivers, and the community to realize the full potential of the TNVS sector. We are committed to leveraging technology and innovation to deliver safe, reliable, and convenient transportation options, while contributing to the country’s economic growth and supporting the empowerment of women in the workforce.

Together, we are driving towards a brighter, more inclusive future for the Philippines.

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