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Israel’s envoy replies to pro-Palestinian rally in Phl; underscores Hamas as ISIS

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Following the pro-Palestian rally on October 31, outside Israel Embassy in Tagug City, Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss reiterates that the Israel has the right to defend itself on a war imposed on Israel by Hamas on October 07.

In his statement he said, “The right of Israel to defend itself and its citizens against acts of terror is unequivocal and non-negotiable. Every sovereign nation has the inherent duty to protect its citizens, and Israel is no exception. Any attempts to undermine this right are an affront to the principles of self-defense and national security.”

“We call for the immediate and unconditional release of the Palestinian people and all of the hostages from the oppressive grip of Hamas. The Hamas terrorist group has repeatedly demonstrated its disregard for human rights, is using its citizens as human shields and has been responsible for countless acts of violence against innocent civilians, including Filipinos.”

The international community must take decisive action against Hamas, designating it as a terror organization to disrupt its funding, which comes primarily from Iran. The founding charter of Hamas, advocating for Israel’s destruction and the murder of all Jews from all over the world, aligns with a modern Nazi regime. Rejecting peace negotiations, Hamas perpetuates an endless cycle of violence and bloodshed.

Contrary to misconceptions and false information, Israel is not occupying Gaza; the war is with the terrorist organization Hamas, not the Palestinian people. Israel is not occupying Gaza and has no plans of occupying Gaza. Unfortunately Hamas is the government of Gaza.

We demand the immediate release of all hostages – including babies, women, and elderly people – and the dismantling of terror facilities threatening not only the safety and security of Israeli citizens, but also the world, including the Philippines.

Hamas is ISIS.

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