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Percy Lapid’s brother slams smear campaign against their family

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The family of murdered veteran broadcast commentator appeals to some personalities to stop the smear campaign to derail the investigation of Percy Lapid case.

Veteran journalist Roy Mabasa, who acts as the family’s spokesperson posted on his Facebook account his appeal to those who disparage the family including himself.

Below is the complete statement of Percy Lapid’s family:

Word has reached the Mabasa family that forces allied with Gen. Bantag and supporters of former president Duterte and Vice President Sara Duterte have started to launch a smear campaign against the ongoing investigation of the killing of Percival Mabasa, also known as Percy Lapid, as well as against the Mabasa family, specifically its spokesperson, Percy’s brother Roy Mabasa.

The Mabasa family also would like to correct the allegation of columnist Ramon Tulfo that Roy was “taking over” the job of government investigators, citing as example Roy’s request to do a walk through and reenactment of the killing of Percy with self confessed gunman Joel Escorial. Mr. Tulfo went as far as accusing Roy of “basking in the publicity of his brother’s death and using the crass word “nakakasuka” (nauseating).

First, we appeal to Mr. Tulfo to respect Percy’s family members, who are still grieving over the death of Percy and reeling from this great loss. Second, Roy was acting proactively to ensure thorough investigation of the case, which all families of murder victims have the right to do.

Lastly, contrary to Mr. Tulfo’s claim, Roy has never reached out to the U. S. Embassy or any embassy, for support. The fact is embassies of several countries reached out to Roy — who covered Foreign Affairs as a diplomatic reporter for many years — to offer their support and express their concern over the murder of Percy and the many unsolved killings of journalists in the Philippines.

We acknowledge that Percy had also criticized the Tulfo brothers, known Duterte supporters, for wrongdoing in his commentaries. But we hope Mr. Tulfo does not take it out on Roy Mabasa and refrain from being vengeful and disparaging Percy’s family members, especially at a time of mourning and during a critical period in the investigation of the case.

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