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Maulik Parekh reveals how to ‘Future Proof’ companies, careers in his first book

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By Monsi A. Serrano

Even before the pandemic, the landscape of business has significantly changed. While many are cognizant of the rapid change in the business, others preferred to wait and see, until they were overtaken by competitors and become obsolete in the process.

In the debut book launch of Award-winning CEO and serial entrepreneur Maulik Parekh, he noted some three key issues that would keep one’s career or business service and thrive.

Hence, the book “Future Proof Your Company and Career” came into being.

This must-have book for individuals or companies will guide the readers in identifying and acknowledging the disruption. This is the key, as denying the problem would inevitably lead to failure.

Maulik draws from his experiences in writing his soon-to-be best-selling book in the uncertain time of the pandemic when everybody seems to be helpless and clueless on how to deal with the coronavirus that not disrupted the business. The COVID19 did not only disrupt the business but also took the lives of many people and changed how we have to live our daily lives as we all deal with uncertainty.  This book will surely help businesses and professionals prepare themselves for what is ahead, especially as the future becomes more digital.

Future Proof Your Company and Career is a culmination of Maulik’s personal and professional learnings from more than 10 years. Written in a storyteller tone and filled with interesting anecdotes and memorable tales, it takes readers on an informative journey where they are able to see different disruptive forces in action and evaluate how each of them are impacting not only their respective businesses but even their own careers.

Through his first book, Maulik aims to communicate how various factors are shaping the world, and also identify the pillars of success that one must master to future proof their path regardless of what industry they are in. “In this rapidly changing world, we have a choice to make – either we future proof ourselves or we risk becoming extinct,” Maulik said. “Future Proof Your Company and Career offers actionable insights and proven steps on how you can stay ahead of the curve and flourish in the future.”

Divided into three sections, Maulik’s first book dives into Artificial Intelligence, Digital Natives, and the Gig Economy and how powerful each force is in strengthening the future of any business. The book also identifies how impactful they will be over the next decade and how his readers can futureproof their careers and companies in the current and forthcoming era. Ultimately, Maulik wants to enable his readers to achieve success no matter what industry they are in in the multidimensional future.

To help guide his readers, Future Proof Your Company and Career covers five ways they can better prepare themselves for the future. For companies, Maulik cited that it is important to: unleash the spirit of innovation, infuse purpose, inspire learning among the workforce, transform the business digitally, and engage employees. For professionals, he highlighted the value of: thriving in an era of AI, setting oneself apart from peers, transforming ordinary into extraordinary, navigating through turbulent times, and predicting and preparing for the future.

Maulik shared that his book is not meant to impress, but inspire. He noted that it is the exact opposite of many CEO-written books with a predictable plot and models to follow for guaranteed success. “Each page is anchored in humility. Humility that what made us successful during the last decade may not make us successful during the next; humility that we must evolve, adapt and change; humility that we must learn to unlearn and relearn,” he stated.

During the intimate media briefing, Maulik said, “We all need to explore our capabilities especially in the midst of uncertainty. We have to challenge ourselves to take a big leap in the uncharted waters and transcend our comfort zone.”

The illustrious CEO walks the talk and even cited his own experience. “I did not know how to swim. But I wanted to try something I was uncomfortable doing and after 4 months, I am proud to share with you that I learned how to swim and appreciated the beauty of enjoying swimming with my family,” Maulik concluded.

Maulik hosted a virtual launch on his Facebook page for his brand new book last November 14, featuring an insightful discussion on the shifting business landscape with known Asia Pacifc business leaders like Francis Kong, Sara Leoni, Benedict Hernandez, Stephanie Todd, Laura Butler, and Paulo Vogliazzo. The e-book is now available on Amazon. For a hardcopy, you can email For more information, visit

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