Enbu’s Authentic Japanese Kushiyaki titillates the palates

Enbu’s Authentic Japanese Kushiyaki titillates the palates
Fresh from the charcoal griller, the assorted grilled skewers served using a paddle Photo By Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS

By Monsi A. Serrano

With the Japanese cuisine becoming very popular in the Philippines, one need not have to fly to Japan right away to satisfy his craving as Enbu will give you that experience instantly.

But what makes your Enbu experience different? Enbu offers the Authentic Japanese Kushiyaki, that would make you realize that Japanese food is not just about sashimi, sushi, tempura, ramen, katsudon and what we commonly eat in a Japanese restaurant. Enbu offers the traditional Japanese way of turning the finest ingredients into mouthwatering skewered bites of pork, chicken, beef, fish, seafoods and vegetables which is only offered at Okada Manila.

For fresh catch from the sea
Photo By Monsi A. Serrano

Certainly, many will be surprised that their dining experience at Enbu will make them appreciate the richness of Japanese food and tradition such as eating of bite size grilled food on sticks.

For vegetarians, freshly harvest vegetables ready for grilling
Photo By Monsi A. Serrano

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS during the exclusive media preview lunch last January 16 at Enbu, Okada Manila, Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama said that he thought of bringing in Kushiyaki in the Philippines to give us another side of Japanese tradition that is exciting and different.

Enbu’s Chef De Cuisine, Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama
Photo from Okada Manila

“I am sure many Filipinos and even foreigners living in the Philippines are very familiar with the various Japanese cuisine. But with Kushiyaki experience is very different, it is very theatrical,” Chef Sugiyama explained.

Prepping for to grill the various Kushiyaki
Photo by Monsi A. Serrano

“We only use fresh and quality ingredients. We have ingredients that are freshly brought in from Japan to the refined milieu inspired by Nihon kenchiku or Japanese architecture, to the savory grilled specialties such as robatayaki and kushiyaki. And every meal at Enbu is meant to be a sure delight.

Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama of Enbu, carefully selecting fresh seafoods, meat, vegetables for grilling
(Photo from Okada Manila)

The Kyoto trained chef added that he wants the new Enbu to be youthful, casual, relaxed, and fun, compared with the other fine dining restaurants at Okada Manila property.

“So whether our guests come to dine as family, group of friends, business partners or co-workers, Enbu will make their dining experience unforgettable and more relaxed,” Chef Sugiyama added.

“We have the best view of Okada Manila’s giant dancing fountain, the beautiful authentic 2,160 red chochin (Japanese) lanterns imported from Japan and also function room for those who want privacy. This is one thing one can expect from Enbu, we will make your experience delightful, truly unforgettable and guaranteed that the food you will eat at Enbu will titillate your palate and will provide you the full sensory experience,” the Enbu’s Chef De Cuisine brandished.

Interestingly, Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama’s family owned a restaurant and fish shop. Chef Sugiyama then learned to know the world surrounded by the aromas and tastes of various ingredients. It also helped that he often
watched other people cook, piquing his interest in the culinary arts.

His love for Japanese cuisine blossomed as he was growing up in the streets of Shizuoka and this developed and led him to work in the kitchens of notable restaurants in Kyoto until he finally found his way to Okada Manila as Enbu’s Chef De Cuisine.

Freshly grilled mouth watering kushiyaki chicken, beef, pork belly, Japanese sausage and shitake mushroom
(Photo by Monsi A. Serrano)

Explore a unique Japanese dining experience rich with unique tradition. So whether you want to try out robatayaki and kushiyaki, at Enbu you will be thrilled to know they can once again enjoy their favorite charcoal-grilled meat, seafood and vegetables.

The Robatayaki is a method of cooking which literally translates to “fireside-cooking” characterized by grilling food over hot charcoal at varying speeds. Kushiyaki, is derived from the words “Kushi” which means skewer and “yaki” meaning grill.

While Enbu is primarily an authentic Japanese Kushiyaki, if you are craving for more tastes and textures, Enbu also offers satisfying sushi, tender wagyu steak, an assortment of crunchy tempura, the freshest sashimi, sweetsavory chicken teriyaki, and even Japanese halo-halo for dessert.

There’s something to tickle everyone’s taste bud according to Chef Sugiyama. “Aside from good food, it’s a beautiful restaurant with a great ambiance. We want it to be a place couples, families, and friends can enjoy.”

Diners can enjoy “unlimited kushiyaki,” which comes with unlimited rice and miso soup, from January 1 to March 31.

Apart from that, Enbu offers a full range of classic Japanese dishes with fitting sake and wine pairings along with a grand view of The Fountain. The entire experience is elevated with the spectacle of dancing flames and lively entertainment as the guests indulge in a delicious and dynamic experience.

For reservations and inquiries, please call +63 (2)8555 5799 or email RestaurantReservation@okadamanila. Lunch 11 AM to 3PM; Dinner 6PM to 12MN.

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