OYO Hotel, Anika Suites partner in Cebu City

OYO Hotel, Anika Suites partner in Cebu City
The OYO Anika Suites Hotel located at 731 N Escario St, Cebu City

By Victoria “NIKE” De Dios

Dubbed as the “Queen City of the South” in the Philippines. with its bustling trade and commerce and tourism industries, the demand for hotels in Cebu remains high as local or foreign tourists go to Cebu and explore their city.

Finding a cozy accommodation in the midst of the city would entail you to break your piggy bank, but not really as Anika Suites and Oyo Hotel established their strategic alliance.

With Anika Suites cozy air-conditioned rooms, wide windows and wallpapered interiors, it has become of one of the top picks for guests who seek a comfortable stay and be at the center of the city.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for Anika Suites, however. “We had low occupancy rates, sometimes not even hitting 50 percent,” said Joey Enario, owner and property manager of the hotel.

When Anika Suites opened its doors in Cebu on March 18 this year, the owners decided to name it after their business partner’s already well-known Anika Island Resort in Bantayan, Cebu to leverage the popularity of the other property.

Now with the partnership with OYO Hotel, the growth in sales and occupancy will continue through the years.

Enario noted that with OYO OS, a hotel management system that allows online procurement and inventory management, it has improved the efficiency of the hotel’s daily operations. “The system makes it easier for my front office and accounting staff to keep track of all the hotel bookings and transactions,” he said.

With the help of the OYO Captain, a dedicated manager who guides hotel staff and assists them in managing the hotel business, Enario saw sustained improvements in daily hotel operations. “The OYO Captain assigned to us has been very helpful. She always attends to all our queries,” he said.

Aside from Cebu, OYO has established its presence in key cities in Metro Manila, Baguio, Pampanga, Boracay, Talisay, Iloilo, Bataan, Tagaytay and Davao and now has more than 260 hotels and 4,300 rooms across the country. With its fulfillment-led technology, OYO empowers more hotel owners to be better hospitality players while contributing to the growth of the country’s tourism industry.

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