UNCENSORED: Please try to understand

UNCENSORED: Please try to understand


For those who are curious to know how I spent my birthday last November 17, I will admit that it was a sad day for me and no celebration.  I talked to my two sisters for us to eat together for lunch in my place.  Three nephews joined in.  They too are sad.  Many called but they understood that I did not want to have a party, out of respect to what happened to our parents’ ancestral home.  The hurt will certainly be felt forever.

After lunch, I went up to my bedroom and I started texting those who greeted me the night before, nationwide and abroad.  My two cellphones did not stop ringing.  Hindi po ako nakatulog the night before.  But it was only proper to thank them one by one.  I have not finished thanking all of them.  I have a long way to go.

This Christmas will be just another day, more or less.  Unlike in the years past, I decorated my mother’s house, including her garden, all lighted up.  I did that during her lifetime and even when she passed away in May 31, 2002 up to Christmas of 2017.  The following April, Easter Sunday 2018, our access doors were blocked from entering my mother’s house; while the ancestral home was being demolished despite the TRO granted us by Judge Rafael Hipolito of RTC Branch 215.  But it was not followed by the other party.  Malakas daw sila at sabi nong Sheriff who served the TRO, the other party crumpled the Court’s TRO at itinapon daw sa sahig at sinabihan daw siya na “balewala ‘yan sa amin.”  That’s what the Sheriff told us when a copy was served to us.  Had it been followed we could have saved the ancestral home of my parents.  We were hoping that the Judge would at least reprimand them.  He did not.  Giniba ang bahay ng magulang namin; at ninakaw ang lahat ng laman ng bahay.  When we were going to start the trial proper last January 21, the other party told the Judge to inhibit.  The other Judge to whom it was raffled off gave us one hearing last August 14, 2019 and dismissed the case.  We were not given a chance to present all the falsified documents up to now.   

The persecution from the Aquino Administration began when PNoy sat in office in 2010.  All the appointees of President Gloria in the PCSO were falsely charged by those appointed by PNoy headed by Margie Juico as Chairman.  Kasi kaaway nila si Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, we were used and dragged along in the persecution of President Gloria to make their charges more “credible.”  We were made the “sacrificial lambs.”  Nadamay pati ako.

We all know that President Gloria Arroyo was made to suffer for five years on “hospital arrest.”  We, the members of the PCSO board were dragged along to make it appear that the false charges against President Gloria included all her appointees in the PCSO.

All charges were false, but we were made to suffer by Margie Juico and her entire PCSO board, for something they concocted.  A big lie that will lead those who did us wrong to hell.  Hindi namin ginawa, pero ibinintang sa amin.

In like manner, little did I know my family would suffer under President Duterte’s administration.  This demolition of our ancestral home happened, done by a group of people who claim to be malalakas na ngayon with President Duterte, who were diehard anti Duterte and true yellow from their yellow livers to their black hearts before.  They are the very same people who did us wrong for we just found out that my mother’s property and ancestral home was sold in 2014, during the presidency of President PNoy.  It was done without our knowing about it, behind our back.

The noise in the excavation in this residential area is so strong that we suffer from it everyday.

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