ML and LBC: Creating more gateways for their remittance customers

ML and LBC: Creating more gateways for their remittance customers
Present at the LBC Express and MLhuillier Financial Services Inc. contract signing are (From left) Cecilia B. Lumapas, FSD manager, MLhuillier Financial Services Inc.; Arne Jude S. Morales, VP and COO for the Visayas and Mindanao, MLhuillier Financial Services Inc.; Michael L. Lhuillier, president and CEO, MLhuillier Financial Services Inc.; Oliver C. Valentin, EVP and COO, Philippine Branch Operations, LBC Express Inc.; Eduardo C. Ibazeta, sales manager, Money Sales, LBC Express Inc.; and Maria Eliza D. Batang, account executive, Money Sales, LBC Express Inc.

Text and photo by Jay Luna

Continuing to carve its name as the Philippines’ largest and most respected non-bank financial institution, MLhuillier Financial Services, Inc. has partnered with LBC Express Inc. (LBC), the market leader in retail and corporate courier and cargo, money remittance and logistic services, to expand both remittance businesses and reach more Filipinos.

Both MLhuillier and LBC aim for a free-flowing service by giving value of convenience and ease, and widening range of remittance services to the people. With MLhuillier’s 2,500 branches and LBC’s 1,400 branches in strategic locations all over the Philippines, this will add more value in terms of ease and convenience.

“We have decided to go to a strategic alliance with LBC for the cross network payments between both companies,” said Michael L. Lhuillier, President and CEO of MLhuillier Financial Services, Inc. “We are industry leaders. Together, we are able to add convenience to our customers,” he added.

The partnership of the two companies was made possible because both share the same vision of improving the lives of the Filipinos through allowing both networks to interchange services. “Bringing the said services closer to where the customers are (right in their doorsteps or near their offices) is a great factor in saving customers’ time thus making the quality of their lives better,” said Cecile Lumapas, Financial Services Division Manager of MLhuillier Financial Services, Inc.

“Both are committed in bringing efficiencies, comfort, convenience, and the best customer service experience to its customers, thus, this partnership was made possible,” she added. According to EVP/ COO Oliver C. Valentin of LBC Express Inc. Philippine Branch Operations, MLhuillier is the core competence on the remittance side that complements the network of LBC being on the logistics services. “LBC will serve as the gateway of MLhuillier. MLhuillier will also serve as another touch point of LBC,” Valentin said.

MLhuillier and LBC strive to be closer to the Filipino people by giving them the best quality service. This initiative will support the government’s thrust for financial inclusion of all Filipinos especially the unbanked. It will offer more comfort and convenience to both of its customers from all walks of life considering the proximity of the two networks’ branches to all of them. Both companies are still working on their integrations. The service will launch sometime in the last quarter of 2019.

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