When identity and self-confidence matters, it must be fashion by Auma

When identity and self-confidence matters, it must be fashion by Auma
The millennial fashion diva, Mika Cabrera, at peace with herself and her look -- all made by Auma. (Photo by Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS)

By Monsi A. Serrano

At a young age, Mika Cabrera knows what she wants in life; that is why she chose to pursue what she loves most, fashion.

Speaking to THEPHILBIZNEWS during the launching of her brand Auma last September at Marquis Events Place in BGC, Cabrera shared why she evolves from being a creator of various fashion products like clothes, bags and accessories under the brand of AUMA to a Millennial Fashion Guru.

“Yes designing is what I love to do. I love stylish and I create a lot of these for the people. And I believe we Filipinos are fashionable, but I am also a firm believer that what suits others may suit to certain individual,” the young fashion consultant said.

Birth of a fashion diva

Cabrera started by entering a fashion school under the tutelage of Eldzs Mejia, a renowned fashion stylist and art director.

Applying all that she learned from her mentor, Cabrera started to develop her own brand with the end in mind that she would go beyond the trend as creator. Being an enterprising and creative young lady, it seems she has her fashion ensemble dreamed up and figured out.

She believes every individual has his or her own sense of style and it is in this uniqueness that a person can feel most comfortable.

“That’s what empowers them to become who they are without pressure of being conformists,” Cabrera said. “That is why I said, why not share my expertise to the Filipinos people. Regardless of their taste, age, or social status. Everyone deserves to express themselves according to their preference.”

Millennial fashion principle

Auma is a brand that allows individuals to exude self-confidence in a manner that reflects the spirit of their identity.

“We must know who we are and accept who we are. The moment we have realized that, then we can be our best selves and can freely express it in the way we dress – in a manner that would develop your self confidence, without losing your identity, because that’s what should matter,” said Cabrera.

Incredible heart

When asked if she has plan to expand abroad, she replied: “I would like first to focus on helping here in the Philippines, and help our Kababayans.”

“Because I believe that whoever we are or from ever we come from, we must be proud of who we are and have the self confidence by not just being fashionable, but also by being passionate with what we do and put on. And Auma is here to help you achieve that, because I want to give back what I learned in life in the fashion school and industry and bring out the best in everyone at all times,” she said.

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