ARKI-THINK By Ar. Maundy Florendo, PIA, UAP

ARKI-THINK By Ar. Maundy Florendo, PIA, UAP

Value of the architect

Some say getting an architect is costly because the architect’s professional fee is quite high. That’s why some project owners are tempted to getting just a drafter to do drawings that are then implemented by workers they meet along the way. Some hire other professionals in the building industry to do the work of an architect, not realizing that the professional services of an architect is far different from those of the other building professionals.

My Dad once gave me an advice that I will never ever forget. After committing a big mistake of destroying a device, instead of fixing it, Daddy said, “anak, there is a tool designed for each specific type of work.” He told me never to use a knife to twist-in a wood screw. That it will not only make the work harder and dangerous, it can also destroy the screw… and the knife… and the job.

Architects are trained to do an architect’s work. Electrical engineers, sanitary engineers, civil/structural engineers, interior designers, mason, carpenter, and painters are all trained to do their specific parts in the construction project. So getting another professional or worker to do an architect’s job can only worsen things.

Cost? Well, architects charge based on what is provided in the architects’ guidelines and standards of practice. They also charge based on the services they provide and their professional capabilities. The architects’ professional service is not like a flea market where one can bargain for a cheaper cost. The architect provides professional services that are the product of five long years of baccalaureate study with two or more years of diversified training experience, in the actual practice of the profession, prior to taking the architect licensure examination.

Part of the architect’s services is making sure that each house or building s/he designs is aesthetically pleasing, structurally durable, and efficiently functioning. Each project that the architect produces is a product of careful study of the systems and process involved, as well as the psychology of space, elements, and color and its effect to the people using the structure.

The architect also designs the structure in such a way that value and space are maximized through the use of proper materials and processes. The architect applies concepts that can make the structure sustainable and highly-efficient, so that the building will be worth every peso that the client spends… or even more.

Value management by the architect can make a project less costly, more efficient, faster to build… or all mentioned. The architect can also help the client look for the best materials and methods with the least price, or bargain for market discounts in behalf of the client.

These, and more, are what the architect is being paid for. Proper design and less-costly project is their aim. So, is it really costly to get an architect? Most of the time, the project cost gets a lot higher without professional guidance.

Value the architects, as they value you and your interest.

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