Purefoods hotdogs, bacon, luncheon meats, safe to eat

Purefoods hotdogs, bacon, luncheon meats, safe to eat
Purefoods hotdogs served for meal Photo from San Miguel Foods website

Amid local government regulations in certain provinces requiring the total ban and pullout of all pork products from various parts of Luzon, Purefoods-Hormel assures the public that its products are safe to eat and are not affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF).

The pork ingredients in Purefoods chilled, frozen, and processed products are produced from company-controlled hog breeding, growing, and slaughtering facilities that observe the highest level of bio-security measures and processing plants that have passed all stringent requirements of BAI and FDA. With regard to imported meat parts, Purefoods only uses materials that come from ASF-free countries and have passed all the Veterinary Quarantine requirements of the exporting countries.

Moreover, Purefoods chilled products like hotdogs, bacon, and canned products like luncheon meats are cooked in high temperatures, thereby destroying harmful viruses like ASF, and making them safe for consumption by humans. It is also important to note that ASF does not affect humans and therefore does not pose any risk to human health.

San Miguel Foods, which carries the Purefoods brand, echoes the statements of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) that its products are safe and should be allowed distribution in supermarkets and wet markets nationwide.

Purefoods also produces products that do not contain pork, which should remain available for consumers nationwide to enjoy: chicken hotdogs, nuggets, corned beef, chicken ham, and other chicken and beef-based products.

The company will continue to cooperate with authorities as we remain fully committed to the highest standards of quality and food safety in all our products.

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