Australia brings world’s best Navel oranges to PH

Australia brings world’s best Navel oranges to PH
From left: Australian Embassy Counsellor for Economy Nardia Simpson, David Daniels, Market Access Manager at Citrus Australia and Chef Dennis Leslie, Executive Chef of Hilton Manila, and the juicy Austrlalian Navel oranges Photo by Monsi A. Serrano/THEPHILBIZNEWS

Text, photos, and video by Monsi A. Serrano

Navel oranges of Australia have been dubbed as one of nature’s wonders and are one of the most popular orange varieties during the winter season.

This variety of oranges is primarily grown in the three southern regions – the Murray Valley, the Riverina of New South Wales, and the Riverland of South Australia. For those who don’t recognize them, Navel oranges are known to be sweet and juicy; they’re seedless, truly orange in color, and easy to peel.

Interestingly, the Philippines is one of the top 10 export markets for Navel oranges.

Dianne Phan, who heads the Trade of Hort Innovation Australia, took some time out with THEPHILBIZNEWS during the Taste Australia event at the Hilton Manila to share her experience with the growing Philippine market for Navel oranges.

“I am glad to share that the Philippines is one of Australia’s top ten export markets for Navel oranges. In my estimate more than 5,000 tons (roughly around 4.6 million kilos) are exported annually. And with this second year of the Taste Australia campaign running in the Philippines, we take pride and are happy to share our Navel oranges with (the) Filipino people,” Phan said.

Clean and safe

Meanwhile, Australian Embassy Counsellor for Economy Nardia Simpson also graced the Taste Australia event and spoke to THEPHILBIZNEWS about the growing awareness of Filipinos on quality Australian fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products.

“We are happy that more and more Filipinos are buying Australian products not just these tasty and juicy Navel oranges but also the dairy products and meat. Rest assured that Australia only serves the best to our country and to the world,” Simpson said.

She assured Filipino consumers that the Australian government has put stringent standards in place for their exports to ensure that all their food products are clean and safe.

In a separate interview on the sidelines of the event, David Daniels, market access manager at Citrus Australia, told THEPHILBIZNEWS: “We are very proud to share Australia’s best produce with Filipinos. And you having been to Australia have witnessed how we take care of our crops. Australian oranges are carefully grown and harvested, meaning when they reach your table or eat these oranges, you would experience the different taste, texture and juiciness.”

Health benefits

Daniels underscored the health benefits of their fruit exports, particularly Navel oranges.

“Australia Navel oranges are rich in Vitamin C which has the natural flu-fighting properties. But our oranges are high in energy-dense properties and are also known to assist in weight management, healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy heart. Because our oranges are antioxidants, rich in fiber, folate and potassium,” he said.

Cooking them up

To demonstrate the versatility of the Australian oranges, Chef Dennis Leslie, Executive Chef of Hilton Manila, prepared some sumptuous food during the Taste Australia-Philippines using the orange extract and peelings.

The various dishes prepared by Chef Leslie used the fresh orange juice that added a flavorful twist that delighted adventurous palates of the guests.

This exclusive event was held at the Hilton Manila last July 24 and was aimed at strengthening trade relations and develop new and exciting partnerships between the Philippines and Australia.

Get them oranges

Australian Navel oranges, dubbed as one of the best oranges in the world, are currently in its harvest season from now until October. So, this is the best time to promote them through the Taste Australia event.

The good news, Daniels said, is that Australian Navel oranges are more accessible nowadays in the Philippines. “They are available at the major supermarket chains across Metro Manila,” he said.

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