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Cristina Valdez: In Memoriam †

One of my dearest and admirable friends, Cristina Valdez, passed away in New York a few days ago.  She often called me just to keep me posted on what she was doing, the friends she was with; and the parties she had attended.  Our friendly chats were meant to keep us close to each other that lasted for hours.  Lately, she called me to cheer me up.

Cristina was a noble person with a good heart.  In her younger days, she was considered one of Manila’s loveliest.  But unfortunately at the prime of her life, she suffered from a car accident driven then by her boyfriend.  Cristina lost an eye, but never lost her spunk for life.  Her courage and determination challenged her Will to live.  She continued living her life without rancor, a few could only do with a pure heart.  Cristina succumbed to cancer which she also related to me the care that was being given to her in a very special way. 

I know Cristina for she considered me like an older brother she could unburden her sadness to.  But she conquered it all and made sure that what happened to her will never put her down.  I never felt any bitterness in her for what she had gone through.  There were moments she would casually utter how painful it was what happened to her.

Cristina, I will miss you, your calls and visits to Manila.   She called to console me for losing the ancestral home of my parents right inside our compound while I and my sisters cannot accept what had happened.  She saw the pictures in Facebook. Cristina was so concerned but on the other hand kept re-assuring me that justice will be served.  “Just wait and see the goodness of God,” she said.

Cristina, with all my prayers and of all those who loved you in life.  May God keep you in His keeping in all eternity.  You deserve all the happiness you missed at times here on earth.  Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother will keep you through eternity.

Cristina, we who loved and admired you will never, never forget you.        

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