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e-Toro breaks into PH market, encouraging Filipinos to explore new social trading platform, investments

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Text, photo and video by Monsi A. Serrano

Challenging the fatalistic one-day-millionaire outlook of many Filipinos, the world’s leading social trading platform, e-Toro , has made a resounding entry into the local business psyche by attracting tech-savvy young professionals as part of its growing millennial market.

In the mind of e-Toro Business Head for Southeast Asia Paul Familiaran, their patented “copy-trading” and multi-asset platform is off to a bullish start in the Philippine market when he addressed media last July 18 at Paseo Center in Makati City .

“It’s been said that Filipinos are not investment-minded; due to lack of awareness, knowledge and a degree of intimidation with financial instruments. Perfectly normal. But from what we are seeing, social trading is now democratizing participation in stocks and other assets trading,” the e-Toro official said.

A native of Bacolod City, Familiaran said he is elated over this growing number of Filipinos valuing investment and preparing for their future using the convenient, fast and low capital social trading platform of e-Toro.

“e-Toro is achieving this by ‘socializing’ the prerequisite financial analysis,” he said.

10 years in the biz

More than 10 years in the business, e-Toro has already established itself in terms of stability and its team professes its patented platform and system is safe and very simple to use. “This is the very reason why a lot of the young generations across the world are really attracted to e-Toro platfor,” said Familiaran.

Mainly, what e-Toro has achieved is break the mystic block that trading is complicated, overwhelming and intimidating.

“That is the natural spontaneous reaction. But wait until you see how e-Toro works. Whether you are a newbie or expert, e-Toro has provided you the most user friendly and one of the first financial technology companies to introduce a social element to online trading that has a provision for copy-trading technology. The idea is that by interacting with other traders, watching others, and essentially copying their trades, one can start trading easily without any previous trading experience, but more importantly, learn – which strategies work and which do not,” he said.

Start early, invest for your future

Familaran  pointed out the growing awareness among Filipinos on the importance of starting early and investing now for the future. Just in the past three months, e-Toro has hosted two big events in the Metro Manila, with overwhelming attendance from the young traders.

The main focus of e-Toro is to continuously grow the community in the Philippines, organize several offline events along with their consistent online campaigns to attract more Filipino traders to the e-Toro platform.

“To Filipino traders, e-Toro also opens up more global markets allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and hedge risks, given that the local market has been slow during the first half of the year,” Familiaran said. “The cryptomania’s growth is phenomenal and needless to say, it’s sweeping through the region where a new generation of investors has emerged.”

In the data published by e-Toro, more than 80 percent of its users are newly registered to the platform from South East Asia that have invested in cryptocurrencies and then moved on to invest in other asset classes. The company is convinced that it can attract more Filipino investors from across the spectrum given e-Toro’s rich product offering.

Sharing is caring, the economy will keep growing

“The Philippines is one of our major markets now, because e-Toro will certainly help a lot of Filipinos not just to be tech-savvy but also to be social-savvy. And this is what we take pride in the e-Toro platform — our unique social trading platform that provides the ability to share insights and information in order to help others fortify their trading performance and grow their hard earned money invested at e-Toro,” Familiaran said.

“With e-Toro’s patented copy-trading feature, the copiers can check the trading history, portfolio, risk score, and performance among other things to decide who they wish to copy, providing even beginners without any experience an opportunity to invest in financial markets. As for the copied traders, they earn a fixed payment every time they are copied, and can get up to 2% of their Annual Assets Under Management (AUM)— the amount traders allocated to copy their portfolio— monthly, should they apply under e-Toro’s Popular Investor Program,” he said.

“It is much akin to the sharing economy brought mainstream of course by the likes of Uber and Airbnb,” he added.


Asked how he sees the Philippine market for e-Toro, Familiaran said: “Filipinos are fast learners. We are heavy users of the technology and social media. With our user friendly system and minimal investment for e-Toro platform, I wonder who would not take a second look in the opportunity that e-Toro offers to the Filipinos, regardless of age and wherever you are. And it is also elating that one of the top e-Toro traders is a Filipino. For me this makes me so proud, there is so much opportunity that e-Toro has thrown to the Filipino people and the question is always, will you just watch and see others trade, or will you start now and start to earn for your future.”

The Head of e-Toro Southeast Asia gave a word of caution, “This is not a get rich quick platform. This is an investment opportunity that demands understanding of the dynamics of the trading system and trends, responsibility and foresight of what you want to do with your investment.”

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