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Clear the room, play the music, and move it for the ‘Pine-Sol Cleaning Dance Challenge’

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Clear the room, play the music, and move it for the ‘Pine-Sol Cleaning Dance Challenge’
Text, Photo and Video by Monsi A. Serrano

Even if you are a working dad or mom, no one is spared from house cleaning. And without the right cleaning agents to use at home, the job can be a tall order, time consuming, and stressful.

Pine-Sol, a reliable dirt and grime buster for 90 years registered under the trusted brand name Clorox, has tapped actress, businesswoman and homemaker, Ms. Dimples Romana, to share the secret to easy cleaning.

While there are many commercially available cleaning agents in the market, Pine-Sol has a whole line of best-selling household cleaning products that easily wipe away grease and stubborn soil stains.

What better mom and busy-body to demonstrate how these cleaning agents work than Dimples Romana who has found a way to make cleaning fun and exciting.

Yes, Ms. Romana confirmed at the recent Pine-Sol media launch that despite her onscreen image and hectic schedule as an entrepreneur, she gets her hands dirty with housework. While others may not look forward to coming home to household chores, for Ms. Romana, it’s a fun and easy workout with Pine-Sol.

She explained that all the wiping, bending down and reaching up to clear away stains can be done with music and some stress-releasing dance moves.

Such a cleaning experience is liberating because one can actually have fun. With Pine-Sol, cleaning is not just fun and easy but also refreshing because of Pine-Sol non-toxic and environment friendly composition that leaves your place fresh and fragrant for a long time.

What makes Pine-Sol unique and safe is because its based on pine oil when it was created in 1929 and to date, the brand name carries the legacy across the world.

Pine-Sol is the only product that uses pine oil which is not only safe but makes every home keep its pleasant odor. And with this result, sleeping and staying at home will not be difficult as Pine-Sol protects every home from bad odor, keeps it shiny and clean for a long time.

Through the years, Pine-Sol has been a reliable partner of every home across the world in making cleaning and tidying more enjoyable. Now in the Philippines, with the challenges in getting a househelper nowadays to keep the house spick-and-span, Pine-Sol will be every household’s friend that is effective in cutting through the grease, grime and dirt and leave all the surface of the house or workplace germ-free, smelling fresh and fragrant.

As Ms. Romana shares this fun way of cleaning and experiencing the ease in wiping out dirt with Pine-Sol, a PINE-SOL CLEANING DANCE CHALLENGE is now in the works.

Pine-Sol invites everyone to join the PINE-SOL CLEANING DANCE CHALLENGE and get the chance to win exciting prizes. The contest which started in the US is now in the Philippines.

Pine-Sol wants to see what you got by showing your awesome cleaning moves in this contest which runs from June 1-30, 2019. To register, visit

The winners will be announced on July 12, 2019. Cleaning has never been this fun with Pine-Sol.








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