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Out Smartmatic

Because of the confusion the Smartmatic machines used in our national elections, according to President Duterte because it’s not accurate and conducive to tampering and fraud, he ordered during his visit in Tokyo not to use them anymore.

It is said that it’s a Venezuelan Technology that kept President Hugo Chavez in his position for a quarter of a century.  For 25 years he kept winning the elections using the Smartmatic; and when Hugo Chavez died of cancer, Smartmatic chose his successor, President Maduro, Chavez’s brother-in-law. 

There was another incident that happened during the candidacy of former President Barack Obama.  It was all over the news and it became the talk of the town that in Illinois, the state of Obama, the involvement of Smartmatic became a scandal that cheating happened in the big state of Illinois; that Smartmatic machines were used to swing the votes in favor of Obama, which benefitted his running mate, Vice President Joe Biden as well.  That issue became so controversial that Smartmatic was banned in the entire United States of America – forever.

I do not know how many still remember that scandal because it was hushed-hushed for the Americans was kind of excited to try a black American for the first time.  It was novel at the time to try a black president.  Despite the news that spread around the country that candidate Obama was born in Kenya and was not qualified to run for public office.  But that issue seems to have been forgotten for a while; or was controlled by the PR office who were handling the victory of President Obama as first black President of the United States.  And Oprah Winfrey was ecstatic that years later she even contemplated of running for President.

Indeed the media are good in conditioning the minds of the people, mesmerizing the people and can make a big lie appear as if what they say came from the Bible and are gospel truth.

In my next column on Tuesday, I will suggest a tamper-proof machines, fool-proof that can eliminate cheating totally.

I proposed these machines to the Comelec and Namfrel before for the 1998 elections.

It’s the only one in the world that is reliable and cannot be tampered or the entire system will collapse should any try to cheat or tamper with the machine.

It’s the only solution to our sacred voting made like a poker game.      

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