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“300 kinds of Vinegar in the market”?

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“300 kinds of Vinegar in the market”?

Too many Filipinos are suffering from cancer and kidney disease as well.

When I was in the PCSO, I wondered what was causing these diseases on our people, including the very young children.  The latest news which is very alarming that there are “300” kinds of suka or vinegar in the market today.

How did this come about?  It is said that many vinegars are now mixed with pure acid to give that special acidic punch that vinegar give to our local dishes such as paksiw, pinangat, etc… which are main ingredients.  Many other Filipino dishes require suka, including for sawsawan or dips.

I am sure these vinegars that are artificially made outside the laboratories are intentionally done because of the heavy demand for suka or vinegar in millions of homes and restaurants; and to think we have not heard anything about these dangerous ingredients being mixed with mostly home-made vinegar until recently.

I won’t be surprised if there are factories indulging in making fake vinegar sold in the markets and sidewalk vendors because of its high demand.  For one, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has terribly failed in their duty to be more vigilant for the sake of our people.

From hereon, let us caution our unknowing public not to buy unlabeled bottles of vinegar without FDA approval, and address of manufacturers.

I’ve been cautious ever since from using white vinegar that are sold without FDA approval.  We know that there are “basi” vinegar from sugar cane, Sukang Paombong from Palm vinegar… that are safe.

I’ve always used Del Monte Vinegar.  It has “4% calories, with zero saturated and trans fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium.  Del Monte Vinegar is made from Red Cane Vinegar.”

Another good vinegar is BRAGG, “organic, raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar, unpasteurized naturally Gluten free established since 1912.”

Bragg vinegar from unfiltered apple cider is an excellent product.  But based on my experience, it brings down the sugar count which is good for diabetics.  However, always check your sugar count to be sure that your sugar is not going down too low and suffer from hypoglycemia which is even more dangerous than high sugar count.   

Let me quote: “A hypo (hypoglycemia) is triggered when blood sugar levels fall under 4.0 mmol/L. Too much insulin or too little food can spark a hypo. This guide details what hypoglycemia is, how to recognize hypo symptoms, and what to do when you or your child is suffering from a hypo (hypoglycemia).”

I recently read that there are “300” kinds of vinegar in the market today.  I hope that the manufacturing of vinegar has not become a “cottage industry,” sans license nor inspection from the Health Department or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  It might even be something that foreign individuals might have gotten into to purposely harm our people.

I believe there is a need for the authorities (NBI and the law enforcers) to do some checking as to who are sabotaging the vinegar industry in the Philippines.  And I caution our people not to buy vinegar with unlabeled bottles, no address, no telephone number.

* * * * *

May I ask my readers for a little prayer for my beloved mother who passed away seventeen years ago, May 31, 2002.  Thank you very much.

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