Business with a Heart: Pookaberry Cafe going beyond vibrance and ambiance

Top Photo: Couple Peter Marco and Jeanette Marco happily posed for THEPHILBIZNEWS and below, guests together with Marco couple for the posterity picture Photos by THEPHILBIZNEWS/Monsi A. Serrano

Business with a Heart
Pookaberry Cafe going beyond vibrance and ambiance

Text, photos and video by Monsi A. Serrano

Renowned New York pop artist, Peter Marco, and his Filipina wife, Jeanette Bocobo-Marco, have opened their first cafe in the Philippines, the Pookaberry’s Café on Scout Ybardolaza near Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Perhaps, a lot of people would wonder how they coined the name Pookaberry.

Pookaberry is Ollie the Octopus’ imaginary friend, while Ollie is the main character of Marcoart – the art-based clothing and product line of the New York City-based artist.

While there are many cafes sprouting in the big city, what makes Pookaberry stand out from the rest is its concept and the Marco couple’s reason for opening their first store in the Philippines.

Marco the artist, oozes with creativity. He can draw new characters impromptu and instantly come up with a story to tell. The lovely Marco, on the other hand, is the enterprising one who loves to find opportunities and so, together, they gave birth to Pookaberry Cafe.

Shared passions

Jeanette said the café epitomizes their combined labor of love and passion in their respective fields of expertise. Just a stone’s throw away from the Sacred Heart Parish, Pookaberry also stands as an addition to the unique, revitalizing and wonderful coffee shop scene in and around the Timog Area.

There is also a noble reason for the rise of Pookaberry Café – a part of its income is set aside to uplift the lives of people. “We will continue to share the gifts that have been given to us by God and share these blessings to help other by donating a percentage of the proceeds of Pookaberry Cafe to Project Pearls which helps people in the Smokey Mountain in Tondo Manila rise above their current physical hardships and realize their dreams. The Basilia Women’s Foundation a non profit organization which I started that provides support counseling and in future shelter to women who have been abused,” Jeannette told thephilbiznews.

Pookaberry’s good vibe

Much of these good traits can also be found in Pookaberry, the character. Pookaberry has already been featured in the best-selling Artist Swatch Watch “The Alien Baby.” Marco’s characters exist to send people empowering messages of peace and goodwill.

For Ollie the Octopus, Marco gets this lovable creature away from too much trouble during its exciting adventures. He shares with an upcoming team-up of Ollie and Pookaberry for a story about the high-powered pair’s hijinks in the Philippines.

With that, many would inevitably fall in love with Pookaberry for always bringing positive vibes and encouraging people to be creative and loving.

Thus, any visitor to Pookaberry Café will find these messages in the interiors — vibrant, energizing, homey, and encouraging. Apart from the great food and excellent coffee and drinks, the friendly staff also carries the same good vibe.

Fortunately for Pinoys, this store is opening first here in the Philippines before the one planned by the Marco partnership in New York.

Needless to say, the couple is fearless, kind-hearted, adventurous and willing to take the risk which is a primary trait that you can see in successful people. The Marco couple also wants to convey a message to people that they can live out and achieve their dreams because nothing is impossible if they set their minds on something what they love doing.

“Pookaberry Cafe believes there is nothing that you cannot achieve if you know yourself and not to let others steal your dream,” Peter Marco told “Money is not a hindrance, because there will always be kind souls who will share whatever they can afford to start with something.”

Filipino flavor

More than the lovely ambiance and the sharing of profits, Pookaberry Cafe also helps the local farmers by serving Cafe Lipa. Interestingly, their cafe serves inspiring drinks unique only to Pookaberry Cafe such as Ube Latte Ice blended or Hot, “Success” Caramel Machiato. For food, they serve very Filipino Adobo and Pork Loin Panini, Matcha Cheesecake, Big Fat Cookie and Cookie Shots.

Located at 36-B Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City, Pookaberry Cafe comfortably seats around 25 people including the fabulous patio which features one of Peter Marco’s most fantastic murals.

The second floor of Pookaberry is also a fantastic place for those who need a place to work on their laptops. It offers a shared workspace with a dozen workstations that can be used even for meetings.

There’s more creativity flowing through the Marco couple so don’t be surprised if they open up more locations here or in other parts of the world, if only to share their unique positive empowering words and pictures through this special venue for snacks and drinks – Pookaberry Café.




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