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LED billboards plead voters to think of the Filipino children’s future on 2019 election

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This election 2019, stop getting distracted by the noise and listen to what the children have to say.

If there’s one thing election season is notorious for around the metro, it’s the advertising. There are billboards, buses, cars, posters, fliers, stickers, and what have you with campaign names, slogans, and faces plastered all around the city.

As you traverse the major highways and streets of the metro, and the Philippines at large, you may notice huge LED billboards that declare “Kami Ang Isipin”. These billboards feature a huge hand with the silhouette of children on the indelible ink printed on the index finger’s nail.

This campaign was born out of the efforts of United Neon Media Group to implore the public to think of the children when they go out to the polls and vote. Give a voice to those who cannot yet speak. To the parents and Filipinos of voting age, do not give your vote to candidates who think only of themselves. Give your votes to those truly deserving. Give your votes to the candidates who think of the future of the Philippines and her children. Give your children a brighter future. Listen as the young ones cry “Kami ang isipin!” and give them a voice this coming elections.

So, what is “Kami Ang Isipin” trying to say? It’s a reminder, a prompt, but most of all, a plea in the middle of all this election noise: “Makilahok sa Usapan”. There’s no time left to be passive. This, right now, is what will define the Philippines for each and everyone of us. But more importantly, this will determine what sort of country your children will grow up in.

For the sake of the country, our people, and our children: Makilahok  sa usapan.

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