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It won’t harm trying

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It won’t harm trying

Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi of Sheikh Zaid Hospital (city and country not mentioned) stressed that hot coconut water or buko juice as we call it here in our country, can kill cancer cells for “hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advance in effective treatment of cancer in the medical field.”  Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi further claims that hot coconut juice (or buko juice) “has an effect on cysts and tumors, proven to remedy all types of cancer.”

Let me add that buko juice is my favorite juice.  I’ve always liked it.  It’s the best natural juice there is.  And healthy!   

During the Second World War when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, the military doctors of the United States forces had to treat the wounded soldiers in the battlefield with ivy or “suero” as we know it using the juice of the coconut for their wounded soldiers for intravenous fluid to sustain their lives; and according to the military doctors, the coconut juice is pure and free from infections of any kind.  If the buko juice can equal the effectivity of a solution for transfusion, for drug hydration, electrolyte replacement and for emergency drug administration then it has tremendous curative powers for it had saved so many lives of seriously wounded soldiers, both Americans and Filipinos who were suffering from dehydration.

If the article of Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi of Sheikh Zaid Hospital said that hot coconut water has tremendous curative powers, I am prone to believe it for the reasons I cited for what it was used for in World War II here in the Philippines with an abundance of coconut trees grown all over the 7,100 islands.  We can consider it a gift from God that we have so much of it.  Our islands are blessed.

We have so much curative plants in the country labelled by a misplaced law forced to put a label of “no approved therapeutic claims” and yet Ampalaya Plus capsules cures diabetic patients; the Lagundi Leaf Ascof Forte cough syrup is are proven to be very effective for coughs and anti-Asthma.  The Ginger Flavor I find more effective. 

For some reason or another, a law was passed that all natural or organic medicines must be labelled “no therapeutic claim” and yet it cures.  They’ve been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and we don’t see the need to label them as such.  Just say organic medicine and discard labelling “no therapeutic claim.”  Why?  Is it upon the dictation of the pharmaceutical lobbyists as we are told?

We don’t oppose the pharmaceutical products.  But why prohibit the proven organic medicines when both can be safely taken together.  An organic product can complement other medicines.

I have told patients who believe in organic and natural medicines to go ahead and take them for I take them myself.  It cannot cause harm for its organic and natural, no chemicals.  But I do explain to the patients to take what their doctors prescribe to them.  But it won’t harm them if they also take the organic and natural medicines passed by the FDA and proven to be effective.  In other words, one complements the other.  The organic medicine will not conflict nor cause any complication.  They will complement each other.

A friend of mine from the U.S. is a diabetic patient and guess what keeps her well and alive.  When she comes to Manila, she buys a suitcase full of Ampalaya Plus capsules that keeps her diabetes under control and is able to live a normal life.  The supply she brings along with her keeps her well the whole year.

In a CNN news I watched, I was surprised to hear a report that most Americans are now seeking alternative medicines such as organic and natural medicines for they do not seem to get well with pharmaceutical products, aside from being too expensive.

They say that the chemical based products take long treatments to cure them and expensive; and they claim that what is given them for a particular illness affects some of the other organs.

The mere fact that these organic medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and sold in our reliable drug stores, it is safe to say that they can be taken by our patients, following the “Indications and Dosage and Mode of Administration.”

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