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The spirit of Christmas must reign upon us for as we celebrate yearly our birthdays, there is a bigger reason for all of us to celebrate the birthday of Our Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

This year is a sad year for us in the family for what had happened. I need not elaborate. But I promised myself to try our best together with my sisters, nieces and nephews who equally suffered from the wrongdoings of a family member. But no matter how simple our Christmas celebration may be this year, there is enough reason not to forget those who have less in life – which I have dedicated to for over forty years of my life.

As I always tell my friends, Christmas to me (and it should be for all to follow) is for the needy. On my part, I sacrifice for the sake of others for as I always say, among friends, its “Christmas” all year round. We are able to remember each other’s birthdays, and other occasions while we have more reasons to forget ourselves and think of those who are not often remembered.

I hope my friends will excuse me this year for Christmas is going to be a very quiet one with more sobriety for what had transpired to us. More time will be spent in prayers than festivities.

Thank you to all for your kind understanding. God willing, better times will come soon for it has been a very painful year for me and my sisters. A great injustice has been done to us and it must reach a favorable conclusion.


On the lighter side, we thank the Miss Universe Organization and its all female judges in choosing Miss Universe Philippines, Catriona Gray’s victory in clinching the title of “Miss Universe” held in Bangkok, Thailand.


On the other hand, the return of the Balangiga Bells in Samar from the United States brought nostalgic memories to those whose ancestors fought for in defense of our country.

In these times, there should be no room for wars, quarrels, ambitions and selfish motivations and misunderstandings for it’s the people that suffers in the long run.

Our Church officials must exercise humility instead of braggadocio for they are the representative of Christ on earth and must show the humility, resignation and nobility of Jesus Christ instead of behaving like some cheap movie stars.

I pray that they shed off their pride for it is a sin. Some might forget that pride is wrong, more so with the religious for they take the vows of humility, honesty, celibacy and stand by all the teachings of Christ. On those grounds they must live up to.

Ayaw ko ng ulitin pa ang sinabi ng isa nating Cardinal sa pulpito ng simbahan which was very sarcastic and insulting to President Duterte who expressed for the religious not to join in the celebration of the bells anymore. Hindi naman ecclesiastical ang okasyon; and many of them are critical of him. Why bother showing their faces there. It does give poor taste in the mouth!

Tama din naman para sa campana lang naman ang celebration sa Balangiga. Hindi naman pumunta ang mga tao doon for a religious affair, but to simply welcome back the bells.

Those hordes of religious should have stayed to attend to their parishes lalo na ang “simbang gabi.” Mas kailangan sila ng mga parishioners sa kani-kanilang parishes.

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