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How to preserve your food anywhere you are without the use of ice?

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When it comes to food handling, Japan is one of the best known compliant countries that has been the benchmark of other countries. This is because Japan is famous for their sashimi and sushi that use raw but fresh food.

Like it or not, all foods deteriorate or spoil, and in almost all cases, spoiling is caused by the development of microorganisms such as bacteria or mold, or by chemical changes within the food itself due to enzyme action or oxidation. The purpose of food preservation is to stop or slow down the spoilage.

In order to maintain the quality and safety of the food, Japan has invented a lot of technologies that would address the issues. With the continuous global warming that worsen the heat each year, as well as the kind of lifestyle people have of wanting to take away their food, the Catch Cool technology product developed by TRYCOMPANY CO., LTD. has been helping a lot of people, small and medium size food business like restaurant, supermarket, hotels, hospitals, health and wellness centers.

They are present in Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Now they are considering to expand also in the Philippines.

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