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“ARTPrenuers”: Helping the Filipino Artists develop their worth and the worth of their artworks

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“ARTPrenuers”: Helping the Filipino Artists develop their personal worth and the worth of their artworks

Artists work hard for every masterpiece they created and their entire being is poured into it. The best way to support them is to inspire them not just by buying the work of HEArt, but giving the right price that gives them honorable earnings.

But even during the time of Vincent van Gogh, according to the common knowledge, he only sold one painting during his lifetime. Then Pablo Piccaso struggled as well because as an artist and all his works had been the subject of unending gossip and dislike, apart from even undervaluing his work when he was in France to study. Then back then, only male artists are recognized and unknown to many people, there is one and only female Renaissance artist and her name is Artemisia Gentilesch. But how many know about their struggles?

Without these artists, our world will be dull and colorless, hence, we should all support our artists by buying their work of HEArts at a price that they deserve. Artists deserve not just appreciation but also respect because artists draw inspiration from what GOD has created around them and within them.

This is the reason why Spaces sponsors ARTrepreneurs, a concept done by both RegusPH and SPACES, in order for the artists to have a venue to showcase their HEArtworks by being ARTrepreneurs.

As AJ Rocero, Area Director of IWG PLC (also known as Regus) said, “That the purpose why ARTPreneurs came into being is for these artists to showcase their artworks and also share the story and inspiration in every painting they made.”

But SPACES went beyond providing a place to showcase their paintings. They also sponsored the food, collaborated with the professional resource speakers from Husay Company, under the tutelage of Joselle Feliciano, Co-Founder and COO who gave valuable pointers that would help the artists develop other skills they need in order to market the artworks, themselves and beyond.

Meanwhile, Patricia Reposo, Community Manager of SPACES pointed out the SPACES are open to collaboration for other activities not just with clients but also other sectors, and one of it is the maiden program that SPACES sponsored is the ARTPreneurs.

SPACES is dubbed as the haven for start-up entrepreneurs or companies because of its unique design and layout. Everything at SPACES is “Instragramable” as millennials guests and clients observe. SPACES provides a inspiring and vibrant co-working space that gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, business partners or collaborate with other like-minded people.

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