SEC embarks on full automation on its Company Registration System



After encountering several technical challenges, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) takes pride on its improved company registration system as all transaction are shifted to full automation.

The adoption of intervention measures intended to address applications filed during the initialization of its Company Registration System (CRS).

While there were inevitable technical glitches during the implementation, now the online registration of stock and non-stock corporations and partnerships would be better and easier. There will be an e-mail message will be sent to the applicant detailing how to schedule for an appointment for the manual processing of the application for CRS.

To ensure that the SEC would address unlikely technical glitch, there are fast lane kiosks at the SEC head office, extension offices and satellite offices with personnel ready to assist in the use of the CRS.

The SEC urged all the applicants to use the CRS pre-formatted online form instead of using and uploading their own forms to facilitate the faster approval of applications.

The CRS pre-formatted online form is more user- friendly since the applicant simply ticks off from the enumerated items or types in the required information.

Upon resolution of all pending applications and after further improvements to the CRS have been put in place, the SEC intends to go full-steam ahead with online registration.

This move on full automation is in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for full automation to streamline government processes for a more efficient public service.


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