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Moving forward, the past two years have never been good for our economy. Inflation is moving from worse to worst. The promise during the election period to become self-reliant in all the regions of our country is far from reality, needless to say, it’s a “pie in the sky”.

Prices of commodities will continue to skyrocket at the expense of the middle class.

Perhaps, the country’s the BEST and BRIGHTEST need to so some reality checking, whether they are on the track and whether they have not gone astray to make our country better than others, and better than before.

Sadly, firefighting has been a chronic malady that plague our government since time immemorial every time we encounter problems in all facets of the governance. Maybe, only during the time of the fallen dictator Ferdinand Marcos we can say that there was a foresight and had prepared the tracks to run on for the next administration to continue  However, the culture of the Philippines is even if it’s not broken, let’s fix and change it because it is not our project, and it’s the project of the past administration.

We have to transcend political and personal interests, and seriously commit and work on the good of everyone in the country regardless of the region, religion, gender preference and political parties. Politics must be set aside after the election. Vendetta must also be removed from our hearts.

With the economic challenge we are facing now, the government must keep their minds and acts together. SMART has been the buzzword in planning. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound and this is what Duterte administration needs to realize, by coming up with a long term plan and not a quick-fix solution.

There will be no crime and drugs if people are not famished. But being famished is not the solution for one to get hooked or sell drugs. There must always be a dynamic equilibrium in governance, not doing a reality check will inevitably lead you to trouble. And when the going gets tough, and the tough gets going, it makes everyone panicky.

Our country has so many potentials, and the only way for us to grow is for the administration to plan their work, and then work their plan. Falling in love with their idea of governance that leads to their myopia just like focusing only on the peace and order as well as war against drugs alone, must also be coupled with war on hunger and poverty.

So, stop quick-fixing please.

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