UNCENSORED: Watch out! Mag-ingat kayo!

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By Manuel L. Morato

The Manila Times headlined “2 faulty rapid test kits flood market.”

It further explained that “Two antigen products or rapid test kits currently being sold in the market to monitor Covid 19 cases and which were given Product Certificate by the Food and Drug Administration are both a threat to public health and could imperil people’s lives,” according to Dr. Dante A. Ang, Chairman Emeritus of the Manila Times.

From the start, I’ve had my misgivings on these rapid test kits.  I kept asking myself how effective these rapid test kits could be.

No doubt, the legitimate test kits are used by the hospitals on the incoming patients to classify the accommodated; sa may Covid 19 section or sa Covid free section of the hospital.  It’s a protocol to weed out sick patients from mixing the patients with those already infected by the Coronavirus kasi po, maghahawaan sa ospital mismo.  Malaking peligro po yan ipagsama ang Covid free at yong positive sa Covid.

Matagal ko na nga pong ninanais magsalita tungkol sa “Rapid Test Kits” dahil sa aking pananaw na effective lang po (maybe) sa araw na yon.  If found negative for that day, is there a guarantee na hindi nahawa the following day?  As far as I am concerned, it’s a day to day testing.  Kasi po, pag negative today, how can the test kits guarantee that the person negative today, according to the test kits, ay hindi nag-positive the next day?

On my part, I can only say that unless the test kits are taken daily, it does not serve to guarantee that a patient today ay hindi nahawa kinabukasan.

Ang laking gastos nito.  Ang laking pera ang magagastos ng gobiyerno.  I’d rather invest that large amount of money on vitamins, food and other medications I know and have been giving my family members and employees from household helps to staff in my office, security guards, drivers and the like.  I thank God, they are all free from Covid 19 from the start of the pandemic, including their respective families.

I followed what I used to do in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) during my term.  There is nothing better than practicing preventive measures.  By so doing, we managed to save so many lives of those stricken by Dengue nationwide.

That Dengue outbreak in the year 2008 onward was contained by the PCSO, nationwide.  We used our TV program, “Dial M” of Maggie de la Riva and I to distribute, nationwide, to callers infected by Dengue and we gave 12 capsules each patient to be taken 6 per day.  For two days, Dengue patients were sent out of the hospital.  The platelet or blood counts were immediately pushed up to normal.  For example, those with platelets down to 60,000 went up to normal level, 150K to 450K in only two days; and the fever disappears.

A Dengue patient the PCSO used to help who were hospitalized, normally used to take almost a week and a half to two weeks in the hospital that cost the PCSO P150,000 to P200,000.

But the organic capsules Maggie de la Riva and I mailed to Dengue patients nationwide, for free were cured in only two days, costing the PCSO only 600 pesos for the 12 capsules per patient.

These same capsules kill all the viruses as well, the best protection against the Coronavirus; and proven to kill cancer cells as well.  The PCSO likewise cured so many cancer patients; and lepers in Culion Island as well.

Sorry, but I am not free to name it.  I can only confide it to friends, which I’ve been doing and they are free from the Coronavirus, as we are as well.  It’s non-toxic, no overdose, not harmful in anyway.  It’s totally safe.

I thank God for this “Miracle Molecule.”  I was the one who introduced it to the PCSO in 2007 when President Gloria re-appointed me in 2004.

To this day, I continue to use it for 13 years already as preventive measure; just like a daily vitamin dosage.  I know the dosage, but the delivery takes a bit long.  The PCSO bought in bulk and given to those who needed it, nationwide, for free, saving so many lives.  That’s how effective it is, used worldwide.

To go back to our main topic on the rapid test kits, for sure many made a “killing” on it.  For sure, other countries are raking in fortunes on it.  But it does not guarantee anyone positive or negative for reasons I’ve already expressed above.

The only thing these “test kits” are good for: For tourists coming in to the country in our airports and seaports.  That’s very essential to re-assure our country that no traveller coming in to our country, by plane or by ship; or foreign fishing boats coming too close for comfort in our shores are free from Covid 19.

But what puzzles me no end is this question: Why those two antigen products are rapid test kits currently being sold in the market to monitor Covid 19 cases, according to Dr. Dante A. Ang, Chairman Emeritus of Manila Times, were given Product Certifications by the Food and Drug Administration when both are threats to public health and “could” imperil people’s lives?

You be the judge! 

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