UNCENSORED: Too much politics

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By Manuel L. Morato

As the United States presidential election is fast approaching, things are getting too heated up.  The election is scheduled on November 3, 2020 or some forty-plus days away.

It is not pleasant to see the media torn viciously split down the center.  There are TV hosts whose opinions border sheer inanities with no logic that maybe the unthinking people may believe.  After all, media is mind conditioning – if repeated constantly.

There are TV hosts who suffer from a lack of logic and instead of winning voters, they turn them off for right-thinking individuals will definitely not agree to what some TV hosts are saying.  Lalo lang nakakasira.  Instead of winning “sympathizers,” they instead turn them off.

I’d like to say that the majority of Americans are schooled, conservative and know right from wrong.  I wish them the best in this coming elections for they are the ones who must redirect the future of America and must have a leader who is capable and able to run the country with stamina.  It’s such a huge country to attend to.

Definitely, America needs a leader who is capable of running the country, not one who voices out “morality” and “decency” as its President and Vice President.  Times are different.  It needs leaders well-equipped to lead.

The United States of America has the biggest task towards world order.  For this reason, choosing the President and Vice President is extremely important for on them rests the stability of the world.  Like it or not, the United States of America is the world power.  Time and again, defended what would be good for the world we live in, not because America wants to rule other countries, but look back in time, America has always fought for the world order, not to bully any country but to promote world peace, unity and stability.  The Republicans have better records on these. 

I am not a U.S. voter, but I’ve been schooled in America from high school to college.  My formative years I spent in Jesuit schools as an intern as I was far from my family.  Only in the summertime was I able to be with my parents and siblings; just for the summer and back to the United States for my schooling.

During my time in the United States, the country was in the era of conservatism and the United States is much peaceful compared to what happened in the past with massacres in schools and universities, one after another.  So many innocent students were killed.

America must be united.  I remember in the past, in the 1950s, 60s… the elections were conducted in a way as to who would be a more capable leader.  It was deeply ingrained in their hearts who can ably lead them.  The U.S. presidency is a tough job, the heaviest I must say.

The brandishing of who is more “moral” to be a leader is fine, but Americans know who can better take care of them as a world leader.

I don’t recall too much blame-throwers as it is today, during the campaign period but what each candidate can do for the country.

The United States of America is a huge and powerful country and it needs a “cat” to run it not a “kitten,” so to speak.  It’s not easy to govern as freedom guaranteed by its Constitution abounds.

I want to make it clear that I am not a politician and never will be.  I’ve occupied positions in the government in my country of birth without wanting to.  But they were along my line – charitable institutions.

My years spent in the United States were memorable in a sense for it was not as complicated as it is today.

We live in a very complicated time.  It is the first time that all countries are going through a pandemic, the so-called COVID 19 that no one expected such a worldwide tragedy could occur that brought the entire planet to its knees.

We can almost say that each and every country was taken by surprise; and even up to now no one knows how to properly handle the situation.  Even doctors differ in their opinions.

From the very start of the pandemic, confusion reigned.  So many things were talked about; that it is a bacteria, not a virus; that when the weather gets hot during the summer, it will disappear; that it is not airborne until Japan scientifically proved that the  COVID19 was airborne and shown worldwide how Japan’s scientists captured on film the existence of the particles floating on air.

It caused a big confusion that up to now, no country can claim that it has licked the pandemic.  We are put in a seesaw situation, hoping against hope that the virus/bacteria can finally be made to disappear.

All world leaders were put on the spot for not being able to handle the situation.  But please tell us just one world leader who succeeded in beating the virus.  Prime Ministers in Europe had to face disastrous situations as well as presidents in other countries.  South America was hit very badly.

But the Coronavirus 19 keeps on coming back and forth.  It just won’t go away.  Why?

Allow me to ask a very foolish and maybe even nonsensical question: Can the virus be captured into a bottle or any container and released in strategic places from time to time?

Since we all saw the virus discovered by the Japanese scientists hovering inside the subways and other places like fireflies with tiny yellowish particles that Japan was able to confirm that the Covid19 is “airborne.”

That leaves some food for thought!

We can only pray that it ends soon.  So many people have suffered, still suffering and died.  Hardships and poverty abound worldwide.

May the United States of America have an honest and clean election.  It’s the most critical election the United States of America will ever have in these times of great difficulties like never before.  It will call for the most qualified of the two candidates who have the background to run the economy.

After what the entire world had suffered from, it will take a good businessman with stamina and determination to bring America back on its feet again.


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