UNCENSORED: Let Divine Justice Prevail

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By Manuel L. Morato

Regarding the death of former President Noynoy Aquino, I invoke everyone to stop talking about the past.  His cronies are now being interviewed and are talking too much that can inflame the sentiments of those who feel otherwise.  We know who they were before.

I suggest we all pray for the repose of his soul.  No amount of story-telling can change history.  I am one of those who suffered from his regime, blamed falsely by the people around him.  But I never said anything for or against him in his lifetime, much less in death.

It is enough for me to say that Ninoy was my childhood friend as our parents were also friends.  I served President Cory as Chairman of the MTRCB, the Movie & Television Review & Classification Board for six years.

Let us pray for Noynoy’s soul that he may have eternal peace.  Let us pray that Divine Justice may reign.  Let Almighty God, Our Lord and Savior render unto him Divine Justice.  It is not for us to judge.  Give him peace.  Offer prayers for the repose of his soul.  Tell his cronies to shut-up.  They will only inflame more hatred on what happened in the past.  Let Divine Justice prevail.  Yellow ribbon?  Forget it.  It’s a symbol of divisiveness.

I will not, and I did not say anything in his lifetime nor comment on what he did to us – appointees of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  The Marcoses suffered so much but you will not hear anything ill from them either.

The members of the media must be sober about it.  Do not inflame nor open up old wounds.  If you shower praises, the aggrieved will be forced to speak out.  Divisiveness will not end.

It’s time for Divine Justice to rule.  Let us not say anything against him, nor shower him with praises for it will divide us further for the people know the truth.  Truth will always prevail no matter how much some people try to cover it up.

Let those around him before be damned.  We know who they are.

So be it! I don’t want to see their faces on television telling lies, shedding crocodile tears.

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