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By Manuel L. Morato

Not because I was once upon a time the Chairman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) from 1986 to 1992, for six years that I make some observations on what they show on television as “teasers.”  Some movie trailers need some warning.

It is said that there are so many young teenage girls who are now getting pregnant at a very young age.  They are too young for such kind of “bad-habit,” watching on television what are not suitable for minors.  The MTRCB must be more vigilant on what is shown on television for it’s the most powerful audio-visual medium that freely invades every home without permission.  Pati mga bata nasasagasaan.

During my term, I was fighting to control the bomba films in accordance with the law.  It was so rampant at the time.  It was a tough job, but thank God, I succeeded in putting a stop to it that took years of my six-year term.  Those genre of movies were/are totally prohibited by law to be shown sa mga sinehan.  To be shown, a film must be sanitized by MTRCB in order to qualify to be shown in the movie theaters.

Sa television, only general patronage and parental guidance can be shown.  No adult movies that maybe too violent, risqué, including cuss words cannot be allowed.

Let me remind the present MTRCB board that what the law prohibits are not only the bold, violent, brutality in films must be excised.  Sanitizing a film is not censorship.  The MTRCB has powers to sanitize all films presented to the Board for review.  The Film Board of England is stricter than our film board.  What the board says is followed.  Dito katakot-takot ang rallies na inabot ko kina Lino Brocka, Armida, Ben Cervantes and the so-called “Concerned Artists of the Philippines.”

To this day, I never really was able to digest what they were fighting for kasi puro kalaswaan!

Nobody is free to harm innocent children, not even the adults with mental deficiencies or screwed up morals can demand for “total freedom” for that only applies to animals not to “homo sapiens,” or human beings.  We are not free to kill nor to harm anyone.

I was alarmed to see a forthcoming film of Sharon Cuneta as advertised in ABS-CBN called “Revirginized.”  How on earth is that possible?  Once a woman loses her virginity, that’s it.  It can never be restored.  Sharon is a friend since her mother was alive who was a nice lady sa akin.

Another commercial being shown is a flim being shot in Dubai what the partner of Coco Martin, Angelica, said na: “Kinain ang panty ko ng puwet ko.”  Poor taste naman.  Such street-talk must not be brought to the homes where it can give a bad example to the young.  But for us, adults, it’s simply vulgar, in poor taste.  Period.

My best wishes for Angelica to recover her “panty swallowed by her ass”! 

During my term as MTRCB Chairman, I encountered quite a number of improper film titles such as “Saging ni Pacing,” “Materiales Fuertes” to name a few.

The “Saging ni Pacing” was a bold film.  What else could it mean?  “Materiales Fuertes” naman, the huge billboard to be placed along Edsa showed a sexy woman, the lead star with big boobs.  Again, what else could “Materiales Fuertes” mean?

I put my foot down that the producers must change their advertising materials in the newspaper and along the streets and highways as mandated by law.

The title “Saging ni Pacing” I totally disapproved. 

The “Materiales Fuertes,” I told the producer to put an adobe wall and to place the title on that wall.  No sexy star with boobs half exposed.

Ang babastos nila sa film industry pag hindi rerendahan, in those times. 

All these salacious double-meaning film titles can do harm to our young children for they see them to and from school.

The hell I care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.  That’s not within the mandate of the MTRCB.  That’s also none of my business.  But we are protecting the young minds of our children, so easy to distort.

It was announced on TV several times that pregnancy of young teenage children is rampant now.  As the saying goes: “Empty minds are the tools of the devil.”  Indeed, the young are vulnerable to such dirt fomented by adults on them.

What can we do?

No. 1. Inform the young who are misbehaving na huwag makipagtalik maski kanino sa panahon nitong pandemic.  Diyan sila mahahawaan ng Coronavirus/Covid 19 na ikamamatay nila.   

At doon naman sa mga adults na nagpapa-abortion na mga babae:  Huwag kayong pumatay ng mga inosenteng batang anghel.  Imagine, ang nagpapa-abortion pala sa America ay pinapayagan ng mga batas ni Biden at kapwa Democrats tusukin ang ulo ng lumalabas na bata sa sinapupunan.  Such cruelty.  Imagine, a beautiful angelic baby coming out of the mother’s womb ay pinapatay habang ipinapanganak.  Tinutusok sa ulo ng gunting o kutsilyo habang lumalabas na buhay.

How inhuman; how cruel; how insane and heartless could the mother/woman can be.  Yang mga ganyang mga babae, dapat sila ang in-abort ng kanilang ina.

I cannot see a clear solution why those in favor of abortion say “to save the life of a woman.”

That does not apply in an ordinary delivery.  As a matter of fact, many women have died having the abortion procedure.

On hindsight, as Chairman of PCSO, I did not give a single centavo to the “population control” ran by some women when they asked for financial support.  Ang laki na ng tinatanggap nila from the U.S. at the time.

These pro-abortion people are selfish.  They should have been aborted by their mothers.  And mind you, who are they to rule over life and death?  No matter how one looks at it, it’s murder.  Period.  Put them in jail.

Are we going to follow the law of God or the law of men?

It all boils down to that!

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com