UNCENSORED: “Delta Variant”

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By Manuel L. Morato

The World Health Organization warns that the “Delta Variant” is more infectious.

The Department of Health said: “It is now on heightened alert to prevent the spread of the dangerous strain.”

WHO country representative Dr. Rahindra Abeyashinghe said: “It is going to be infecting people far easier and faster than what we saw during the April to May surge affecting the NCR if the Delta Variant starts spreading in the community.”

These warnings will not get us anywhere.  So far what we hear are warnings.  Can’t we do better than that?  We already know that the so-called Coronavirus or Covid 19 has been inflicted on us, intentionally or otherwise.  All these warnings by the WHO and other warnings won’t do us any good.  I liken the situation we are in to people drowning at sea from a ship that capsized calling for help.  Send the lifeboats at salvabidas.  Don’t watch how they drown, but save them from drowning.

“Warnings” we have had much of it.  Isinusuka na yan ng mamamayan.  Our people have been overdosed already with constant “warnings.”  Can’t the government agencies and departments give us something better?  Like how to fight and confront the virus/bacteria other than the use of “masks” and “face shields,” social distancing and confining ourselves indoors?

May I be given the privilege of suggesting a better approach for the sake of our people?

For one, I kept asking myself why the “testing” was given more importance than medicines to combat the Coronavirus/Covid 19.  Vitamin C, for example, fortifies the defense system; and much better a vitamin with C, D, Zinc and Calcium.  These are available in the market.

A husband and wife friends of mine who were tested to be positive with Coronavirus.  A good doctor gave them Vitamin C and both husband and wife were soon released from the hospital.  

The husband took up to 3,000 mg. of Vitamin C daily and got well.  The wife was given a dosage of up to 7,000 mg. of Vitamin C and they both beat the Coronavirus and got well.

Re Vitamin C, excess dosage will be thrown away by the body.  There is no overdose.  Iihi lang ang hindi na kailangan ng katawan.

Pero may organic capsules taken 3 times a day and kills all the virus, bacteria and cancer cells.  Tried and tested na namin yan sa PCSO during my time.

Many experts and specialists around the world who are virologists and awardees of the Nobel Peace Prize no less are persons to listen to but unfortunately they are not given importance for some reason or another which is understandable enough because of the powerful persons who are more interested in reducing or killing or to lessen the population of the world.  Why?  Are they playing Lucifer?  They should not do that.  Only Atheists are prone to compete.

We all, the entire world for that matter, understand what has befallen the human race; worldwide.  If it is man-made as experts have claimed, then it’s time to face the issue squarely.

My questions are based on my observation.  They are the following.  My most important question is:

Why was the testing imposed by many countries which only serve to confirm if a person is positive or negative?

I can accept that for foreign travelers coming in and out of the country.  I will be the first to say “that’s necessary” to prevent couriers of the virus/bacteria from spreading in our country carried by travelers coming from other countries.  In like manner, it’s sensible enough for outgoing travelers to undergo a “testing” to prevent other countries from contamination.

It is only right to protect ourselves and to also protect others.  But to go on a binge testing everyone makes no sense to me.  Why? Because one tested today without any symptoms whatsoever is useless.  Many made fortunes on it.  But I keep asking myself “what for?”  Ang daming sumali sa testing sponsored by groups “for free” extended to them by a government department or what have you.  Did it prove anything?  Yes in a way, but not in a way or any reason to use it as “part of the cure.”

In the first place, it is not a cure; and it is only good for that day.  “Negative daw” that day.  But how about the following day?  It does not apply for whoever was negative today can be positive the very next day.  So, what’s the big fuss?  Unless you have the tests done everyday, it’s actually useless, at great expense.  Dapat yong may symptoms na ng Covid 19 ang dapat i-text.

I can understand, as I said, for travelers coming in and out of the country.  I can understand for a person to be confined in the hospital.  It’s a must to know whether a person is negative or positive to place the patient in an area safe for non-Covid patients; or those patients found negative placed in a ward free from Covid.  That makes sense.

But for people with no symptoms whatsoever, why herd them like sheeps?

Sayang, time and effort was lost.  All of a sudden, its “testing, testing, testing” that became the craze.  Did it cure?  No.  But it cost big money.  Dapat yong may symptom lang o may karamdaman ang dapat pa-testing.  Billions were spent instead of providing Vitamin C to our people para malabanan yong virus.  Government funds would have been better spent.  Fewer people would have died.

When some friends tell me that they just passed the testing today, I answer them good for you.  But tomorrow do it again, hah?  Tomorrow is another day.  Don’t do anything bad today for tomorrow is another day.

These “testings” are only good for that day.  But it is no guarantee that you won’t get it the next day.  It’s like a mouse and cat game.  You have it or you don’t TODAY!  It’s not a cure and big money by the billions were spent on that “adventure” like Salome of the Seven Veils!

What am trying to lead to is:  Why did we not combat the virus/bacteria?  Bakit hindi natin nilabanan?  It’s like going to war.  May kalaban na, magpapa-testing pa?  The “enemy” is before us, loud and clear.  It’s real.  Anong ginawa natin?

Dapat nilabanan natin na proven na napapatay at pinapatay yong virus/bacteria ng Vitamin C.  Ang daming “armas” panglaban sa Coronavirus/Covid 19.  Bakit hindi iprinipose ng IFTC na ipamigay ng gobiyerno unang-una ay Vitamin C?  Ibinibigay dapat sa lahat para labanan ang virus at bacteria, hindi himasin.  Pumapatay talaga ng virus/bacteria ang Vitamin C; and at the same time, Vitamin C improves the defense systems of the persons taking it.  We must accept that it’s a fact that the majority of our people are malnourished and as so, with very low defenses.

Ganyan natin labanan ang virus/bacteria.  Ang dami ng lumabas that can help properly handled such as Ivermectin, hydrochloroquin, Minwa, lemon or kalamansi with hot water and baking soda, tea and coffee are curative as well.  Luya or turmeric are curative too; and so many others I know which I cannot mention kasi may magagalit sa akin at mawawalan sila ng kick-back.  Ang daming panglaban na ginamit naming sa PCSO during the time of President Gloria.

For one, I can proudly say that I discovered this organic medicine which is all over the world, but not welcome by the pharmaceutical companies because it takes only 2 days to cure sick Dengue patients for only P600 pesos worth of capsules instead of the 150,000 to 200,000 pesos we used to pay for Dengue hospitalized patients.

The bottomline, these alternative organic medicines are too cheap, sabi ng ibang tao when we get to talk.  Masyado daw mura.  “Walang kikitain,” whatever they mean.

In other words, how come?  It’s not the vaccine only – if some say “can cure.”  Each person are free to help cure themselves how they wish to.

Sa akin lang, it is a requirement in the case of vaccination to see to it that the person/s to be vaccinated need to be examined first by a medical doctor.

To give an example: Persons with tuberculosis must not be vaccinated.  Ang dami ng apektado ng tuberculosis sa ating bansa because of poverty and malnutrition.  Ang daming may asthma and those suffering from kidney, liver, heart disease to mention a few, must not be injected with any form of vaccines.  Peligroso! Etc…

I can only speak for myself, but I am taking a pill for life for the heart surgery I had many years ago at bawal ako mabakunahan.  Am I going to follow my heart specialist doctors or the politicians who know nothing about medicines?

Another thing I’d like to mention is, specialists known to me have always told me when I was still in the PCSO that a vaccine, for example, for anti-pneumonia cannot be given to the patients everytime there is a new variant.  It renders the previous vaccine useless.

Now that we have a new variant called “Delta Variant,” dapat hindi na uubra yong pang Coronavirus/Covid 19 vaccines.  Dapat hintayin ang sapat na bagong bakuna sa “Delta Variant.”  That’s so elementary, some would say.  But believe it or not, it’s true.

Seriously speaking, my total of almost 13 years service sa PCSO under President Ramos (5 years); and under President Gloria (7 years); I think I can qualify to be a quack doctor if you will.  I don’t mind.  But I’ve saved more lives than Dr. Fauci can ever hope to cure.

Even cancer patients I’ve cured with just organic capsules; pneumonia as well; killed all viruses in the body with a few capsules daily; cured Dengue patients in 2 days, nationwide.

I do not want to promote any product for fear of being misinterpreted; or advertising said products for something in return.  I beg your pardon.  I am not the type.  I never ask for anything in return.  I just want to help people who need help.  That was my only role sa PCSO – “save lives.”

Matagal na po ako wala sa PCSO.  

For comments and suggestions email at mlmorato@yahoo.com